Thursday, January 15, 2009


One of my co-workers came to me today and said, “Help me please.” Of course I was looking around like um, huh? She cut off all her hair about two or three months ago and she is currently wearing comb twists. She asked me if I use chemicals in my hair such as gel and spritz and of course I told her no. She said she is fed up with the process the lady is using and she wants to pull away from the chemicals and go completely natural. Bless her heart.

I was quite surprised with her coming to me. She has been wearing kinky twist braids and wigs as long as she has been working here, which has been about a 1 and ½ years. Of course I briefly explained Sisterlocks and why I had them. I even gave her my Consultant’s website so she can begin the search. When I saw her earlier this week I was surprised to see her rocking her own hair. I was like wow she is going to lock. Of course, talking to her she doesn’t understand the process of locking and that all locks can be combed out with time and patience, but if she has the mindset to cut off her hair and wear an itty bitty fro, hey locking her hair will be a breeze. (I am always leery of folks who want to lock, but are already trying to figure out if they can take them out easily.) What I do know is she absolutely hates that the stylist who put in her comb twists used gel and spritz. I told her the gel and spritz will dry her scalp due to the alcohol content and such. So we will see how far she will go. I rarely give information on my Consultant. My reasons are that random people will ask about my hair and then think this is some type of fad and want to contact her. You can tell folks who genuinely want to lock their hair and those just want a temporary hairstyle. If you going to spend a large sum of money for Sisterlocks you better be willing to keep them for a while and not for just a season.

She said my hair never looks dry and in fact looks quite healthy. I told her to review the site and research because this may be an option for her to have healthy and strong hair. She has the thinning on the side as well so I know using the alcohol based products can’t be helping. I hope she finds a solution to have the healthy and natural hair she craves. Who knows, Sisterlocks may be the answer.



At 10:11 PM, Blogger CarmenNC said...

It sounds like your co-worker has reached her limit with chemicals. Try to encourage her by with a gentle toss of hair when it falls in your face. I'm joking, don't do that. If she has the internet, then she can start at the beginning of your blog and work her way through.

At 11:22 PM, Blogger Meikmeika said...

I hope she goes natural and/or locks. Thinning edges is just the beginning if she sticks with the chemicals....

At 10:57 AM, Blogger Cashana said...

Carmen - I will probably not give her my blog address, she'll have to discover it. I want her to research on her own so she can make an informed decision b/c she needs more than just my thoughts on the process. I am a bit to myself at work - meaning all business most of the time. LOL!

Meikmeika - I am hoping she will go all natural as well, but she has to know what to expect or she will go right back to perming and braids because she doesn't know how to maintain her own natural hair.


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