Sunday, January 04, 2009

Sisterlock Tools

I am the owner to 2 extra clip tools and I just want to say that I ordered them from the Sisterlock office without any problems and they were received in a timely manner. FYI, you better know when you took the retightening class and be prepared to answer questions. Also, you are only allowed so many tools a year. So I will not be able to get another clip tool until December 2009. However, I should be okay for a while. I keep one at the house, one in my purse and one locked up in case of an emergency.

I read on the group about folks not being able to talk to a live person. I called left a message and when I didn't get a call back the first day I called back and left another message and within an hour I received my call and things were handled rather quickly. Also, due to the time difference I was probably being too anxious. The experience was pleasant.

Even when I order products online I have no problems receiving my order. So it is unfortunate some folks have had some bad customer service moments with the Sisterlock office, I can say without a doubt my experience has always been positive.



At 10:10 AM, Blogger Meikmeika said...

I've not heard any complaints regarding purchases done online.. it's all about their customer service/follow-up skills.

I'm sorry, but when a customer pays hundreds of dollars for a service derived from your company you should be calling every inquisitive customer back ASAP. It's sad to say but this is why many are choosing other locking methods and tools.

Thank God for my consultant!! She's such an angel!!!

My apologies for being so negative...but I am happy your experience was pleasant.

At 11:44 AM, Blogger Cashana said...

I think a few folks on LIU stated they ordered items online and had yet to receive them. Now that is a problem. Seriously, I think folks are choosing other locking methods due to costs and others I hate to say it, are making locks a fad. I guess I should blog about it, but I probably want. Hey, as far as negative, I think of it as truth, because I read about your bad experience even my own consultant had a problem with them, so truth is truth. I just wanted to say at least one person got good customer service. LOL!


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