Friday, August 14, 2009

Random things I noticed while on vacation in Memphis:

There are a lot of homeless folks in downtown Memphis. We were waiting on a trolley with a group of other folks and there was this guy there just talking and talking. Then he stuttered. My sister looked at me, because she knows I am ignorant, but I didn’t care about the stuttering, I cared he asked for a donation for his shelter. I saw him a few other times while on vacation. The downtown area must be his spot. Sad, but so true. By the way, I knew he was homeless.

Speaking of the trolley, I don’t care how many signs they have on that thing, folks kept falling in and out of that thing. I didn’t laugh, but my eyes showed my dismay every time someone fell.

My niece called her mother cheap because she wouldn’t buy her any souvenirs from the Rock and Soul Museum. While at the museum I rocked out mostly to Al Green and the lady that sang I Can’t Stand the Rain! 30 minutes. Yeah, I got wrapped up.

People who smoke can be rude. While waiting to be seated at the Rendezvous, we were outside sitting on the curb and folks would come out and smoke right near you. They didn’t care if you didn’t smoke or had a child with you. Just rude.

I thought we were going to have a moment in the Pink Palace Museum. Security guard following us like we were going to touch that old azz stuff. Following us she missed the folks setting off the exit alarms.

We took a nap every single day. Don’t hate. It was hot in Memphis and we needed our energy to walk to the restaurants at night.

You should have seen our impromptu Michael Jackson tributes. We were silly, but we knew the words and most of the dance steps.

The fireworks in Memphis don’t compare to the ones we have here in Montgomery. I forgot we were in a recession.

Our horse carriage driver had been drinking since the am and it was after 9 pm at night. So had the horse. We were only on it 15 minutes. The horse was cool though.

The family reunion that was at the hotel was not the business. I don’t understand the reasoning for being rude for no apparent reason.

I haven’t craved BBQ since I have been home.

Every time I go to Memphis I see a celebrity. I got to see Eric Benet at the Peabody Hotel. He’s cute in person.

Riddle me this batman? Why can I be in Atlanta for days and never see a celebrity and this includes the airport, but I go to Memphis and see celebrities like it is raining them?

If your feet look like talons, please do not wear flip flops.

I am not into making conversation on a plane. I just want to read, sleep or play on my Nintendo ds.

I saw this woman in a wheelchair at the airport who was in 5 inch stilettos.

Why inevitably does someone not have their ID out at the airport security? Why? That mess irks me.

Barefoot during security is a no-no for me. I wear slip on Tennis shoes with heels out and I wear socks.

Sometimes folks will get on my nerves so much during vacation that I know they will get to see the Me in Me instead of the God in Me. Real talk.

Vacation was good this year. I rested, ate good food and had a great time with the family.

A lot of shootings and deaths while in Memphis. I know 5 people died while we were there. I didn’t watch anymore news after Saturday.

The day after I got home, I cried like a baby. Michael Jackson Memorial.

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