Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My Vote, My Choice

I try to keep my political beliefs to myself. Depending on the situation or the company will determine if I’ll discuss politics, because face it, a friendship, marriage or family can be divided by one’s political and religious beliefs.

I live in Montgomery, Alabama and although there have been great strides in acceptance and working together, we are still a southern town, with southern sensibilities. Some of my friends are older and more set in their ways and they way they think. I mean the head of our Democratic party has already endorsed Hillary Clinton. And some of the other Democratic old heads practically are forcing folks to believe as they do. So imagine my surprise while I was in Arlington, Virginia during our primaries (I voted by absentee ballot), Alabama chose Barack Obama. What? Yep, we showed the old heads they do not speak for all of us, we are educated and know how to choose the candidate that best suits what we want for our future. We are no longer living in the past, we are moving towards a future of change for all Americans, not just black.

Of course we still have some simple-minded folks who do believe the country is not ready for a black president. I say this, “If America is not ready for a black president; it is time for all blacks to get out of this country. We helped to build this country. We are part of this country. The blood and sweat of our ancestors prove we are this country. America without us is not the United States. And I am not going anywhere!” So America needs to get ready, because the next president may be black or a woman. So those worrying about his safety, should note a black man is hardly ever safe in America and although I don’t choose for him to be a martyr, I feel a man who talks about American goals is inclusive and not divisive and no matter who is to be the next president their safety will always be an issue. No man or woman can be safe when they are in the power of great authority over a nation like ours. Keep that in mind.

So who ever you choose to vote for is your choice. And for those who are trying to change my mind about my choice, note we will no longer talk politics. I chose Barack Obama because of his unwavering stance on issues such as Iraq, healthcare, economy and international issues. I didn’t choose him because he is black. He has a vision for the entire country not for just one race of people and in order for this country to begin to recover from the last eight years of Bush, we need an official who isn’t jaded by the politics of America, but is conscious about uniting all of for a common goal. Plus, I’m tired of being broke, when Republicans are in the white house, I stay broke.

These are my political thoughts and no one else’s…



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At 9:58 AM, Blogger Cashana said...

LOL! I have heard everything from I am not going to vote for Obama because he is black to the fact he will get killed. Totally missing the mark. As long as they are voting that is all that matters to me.

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Speak Sista!


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