Sunday, July 13, 2008

Thursday, July 3

We were finally heading to CocoCay, which is RCI privately own island. I didn’t leave the boat. My folks did go snorkeling and being on the beach they had a fun time. I don’t do beaches, sand or heat so I was content to go to breakfast finally, nap and read a little. I heard my niece, Hunny Bunny was at the Children's program giving some little boy the business and when my folks asked her to take a picture she turned, posed and then went back to giving the business to the little boy.

At this point in the trip I am usually ready to go, so I was packing up my stuff because this is the night you put your bags outside your cabin door and ya’ll know I get a bit antsy when I am ready to go. So for dinner I had a New York strip steak with a wonderful Cabernet. (Mind you I had a glass of wine every night) My sister and I headed all over the ship to take photos and do our ANTM photo shots. And we wonder where my nieces get their posing from…Then we went to the club, but um, I think the DJ wanted us out of there because the music he was playing was whack! I left early.



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