Friday, July 11, 2008

Tuesday, July 1

The captain makes an announcement that the weather near CocoCay was bad and we would be docking in Nassau for an overnight stay. Um, yeah baby! I was happy as a lark, which meant I could party in Nassau without worrying about being late. Yes! So we finally got up around 11 am, we didn’t dock until after noon so we ate another weird lunch combination and then went shopping. I didn’t buy many gifts because frankly I just didn’t want to spend any money on wasteful stuff, plus it was a much needed vacation and dayumit I had to pay $80 to get my bag to Florida. The straw market has had a make over. Entering Nassau was a make over. You can no longer just walk into Nassau, you have to walk through their welcoming center which is just another ploy to get your money and then you can get to the shops and stores. The straw market was just as cramped and hot as hell, but haggling was still in effect. In the market I spent $15. Thrifty. Now I did spend money on my perfume though, I can only find it when I am in the Bahamas and it is much cheaper there. Don’t ask; just know it will last me until I get back down there.

Then it was time for my full body massage on the ship. I got a chatty Cathy, but I quickly went to sleep on her with snores. Yep, it was quite relaxing and picked up a little gel to use for relaxing.

Then it was time for the Captain’s dinner. We took family pictures and a group picture. We looked good ya’ll. I think I had a fish dish, unremarkable, I do remember it was tasty. Then we went to the room to make a quick change (and a power nap) before we hit Nassau’s club. We were informed our former party spot, the Zoo had burned down (found this out the last day on the ship) and when we would ask about the Zoo no one knew what we were talking about so we got some recommendations. One the workers on the ship recommended Fluid, Senor Frogs and Bamboo. We decided on Fluid. A BIG MISTAKE! From the outside it looked fine and when you initially walked in it looked fine. Then you had to go downstairs pay to get into a basement. Hells no! I knew I just wasted $30 in getting my sister, my cousins and myself in because I wasn’t even going to be there 30 minutes. One way in, one way out is not cool for me. Then we were being watched by the locals, which meant I was clutching my pearls and my dayum backpack. My cousins bless their hearts had to be my sister and my boyfriend or men, because the locals were too touchy feely for me. I mean one guy grabbed my arms and was going to pull me out on the dance floor. First of all, the music was local flavor and I didn’t understand it and the way the folks were grinding on each other, I knew dayum well that was not happening. The guy did get chairs for my sister and me and offered to take us to the next club and pay for everything. (Then I figured one of us would have had to go to the dayum beach. That’s where they like to take folks for illicit business. Not happening.) We were out of there quickly and my sister and I called it a night.

Just a little funny for you. When we were walking to the club a group of guys were trying to holla at me and my sister and my cousins got MAD! I was like what was the problem? They were like we were all walking together and it was disrespectful for them to holla at us, because they could have been our boyfriends. I just shook my head, because they were right. Seriously, that club was very uncomfortable. I did teach one of my cousins to never purchase liquor from clubs like that only get bottled beer only. Safety is key.



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