Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Something to make you laugh...I think...

I told this story to my sister and one of my friends and it seemed to bring them laughter and tears at my expense.

First of all I am a bit neurotic about certain things. My car is one of them. I am the young old lady who will take her car to the shop for any minor thing and lawd don't let a light come on the dashboard. That is cause to ring the alarm.

On Saturday after running errands I notice I had a nail in my front passenger side tire. Not an ordinary nail but the kind you have to use a wrench to remove. Of course I got nervous, but it was late in the afternoon and I had to be home before my aunt got back. So I drove to one more stop and noticed I had another nail in the tire, just not embedded like the other nail. My tire wasn't losing air so I was like cool, I'll take my car to the Good.year place early Monday morning. Yeah that was my plan. I rode to book club w/my other friend and all was well Saturday.

On Sunday I went to my second job. Everything seemed okay until I went out to my car to get some money for food (I was starving.) I took a chance to check the tire and the tire was flat. I have factory rims so you wouldn't necessarily notice it. But my neurotic self did.

Let me say this too. I am assertive on my jobs and can have a strong personality, but when it comes to yard work, repairs and my car I become very dainty and ultra feminine. So no I do not know how to change a tire on my car. I have been known to stand by my car crying big crocodile tears until someone stops and does it for me. So my cousin called some folks and her best friend Miguel was supposed to come, of course he didn't, but she got someone else to do it. In the meantime, I am upset and furious. I can't concentrate because I need my transportation. I am so mad I get online to search for one of the local car dealerships and basically pick a car (that I could possibly afford) do a finance form and hit send. Yep, because of a flat tire, I was getting ready to get a brand new car. Seriously, I had to be delusional considering the state of the economy.

What was truly silly is that the tire is under warranty and I have roadside hazard and all that and it wasn't going to cost me the entire price of a new tire and if fixable, the repair is free. Yep. I was trippin'.

I ended leaving my car at the tire place because it is literally behind my part-time job, because the spare tire didn't seem to have enough air in it and I didn't want to take any chances. I know a Higher being was in control of this situation. So Monday, I drove to work after waiting an hour and a half to have the tire fixed for free. The nail which I saw first, had come out and seemingly if it had stayed put, the tire would not have flatten. Of course, my neurotic self keeps checking the tire to make sure it doesn't lose air.

When I told my sister and friend, they were like you were going to get a new car because of a tire? And in their fits of giggling my only response was I was tired and hungry. Their next question was have the car folks called me. Yep, via email and work phone and everyday since. I have caller ID so I am avoiding the calls, they'll stop calling soon, I hope. No I am not getting a car right now. Maybe in another year, but not right now. In the meantime, I will patch on my car. I really need to get a husband because next time I'll probably be signing the car forms...

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I knew someone would find this funny...LOL!


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