Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Randoms of Dallas, Texas

Randoms of Dallas, Texas


I was in Dallas from August 16 – 20, 2009 and here are my observations:


  • The DFW Airport is huge. OMG!
  • Why is the Super Sh.uttl.e driving texting while driving? If the plane didn't kill me, this shuttle driver will. And his azz is slow as hell! I need to be at the hotel before 6 pm so I can register!
  • Took over an hour to get to the hotel. I ain't doing this shuttle crap again.
  • Hotel is huge.
  • My damn TV doesn't work. Called guest services 2 times.
  • Ate at Pappaduex with cousin and his wife. Lovely food. How the hell do you run out of Pepper shrimp and now you have to make it up?
  • Back to hotel 3 hours later. TV still not working. UGH!
  • Oh hell nawl! Call guest services trying to return their call while I was out. No answer.
  • For 20 minutes.
  • I stomp my azz downstairs and let them know I CANNOT SLEEP WITHOUT A TV! They fixed it 30 minutes later, by a female technician. That is what's up!
  • Hell, I only slept 10 hours the whole trip.
  • Did I mention the TV was a large flat screen television?
  • There are too many people at this damn conference! Ugh!
  • Dressed all kinds of ways. They should have filmed an episode of "What Not To Wear" there because folks don't know how to dress appropriately.
  • $12.25 for a hamburger, chips and a small bottle water. Water was $2.25.
  • Food at my hotel wasn't great. Went to the restaurant and things got lost in translation. I am still waiting on a straw.
  • DART is just like the Metro in DC and the Marta in Atlanta, except you can ride without a ticket as long as no Dart officer gets on your train.
  • Homeless folks hangout by the ticket machine. One guy said he got out of prison 12 days before and he wasn't a bum but he needed money for the shelter he stays in. His definition of a bum and mine were different. If it quack like a duck it is a duck.
  • Dallas is sticky hot.
  • I saw the grassy knolls.
  • Dallas was cool but I could not wait to get into my own bed.
  • Folks were friendly.
  • Architecture was gorgeous.
  • I'll be back…



At 2:10 AM, Blogger Felicia said...

Big "D" is a wonderful place to visit. I'm sorry that you didn't get to see all the attractions here such as the Design district and not to mention the huge stadium that was just built. Maybe the next time that you are in Dallas you can hook up with some locked sisters in Dallas and we can show you some sights. Oh, yes, it is extremely hot here in the summer!

At 1:46 PM, Blogger Amber said...

hey love the blog say girl

At 11:33 AM, Blogger Cashana said...

Thanks ladies


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