Monday, July 14, 2008

Friday, July 4

Back to dry land. Of course, we disembarked at a seemingly slow pace and going through customs wasn’t that bad. Plus, I didn’t buy a bunch of stuff. I did purchase a small tote to send half my stuff back with my cousin because I refused to pay $80 to Delta aka the Devil. We caught our shuttle back to the hotel and took our rental car to International Blvd where we stayed at the Doubletree Castle. Our room was ready and we checked in with ease. Barbara was the business in that when I called by phone she was very welcoming and when we checked in and left for lunch she left me a message, which I found was great customer service. We headed to our favorite ice cream shop; F.riendly’s and had lunch and ice cream, yummy! Then we took a nap before we were to head out to Disney’s Magic Kingdom. Why didn’t anyone tell me that on the 4th of July the park will fill up and it will actually reach capacity? My niece, Hunny Bunny was so disappointed. So that was a bust. We did go out to dinner at our favorite crab place, The Cra.b House. It was okay, but I remember when it was the best. Then from our hotel terrace we were able to see the fireworks, and they were glorious. There is nothing like seeing fireworks through the eyes of a child they make what we take for granted become important again. So it was an early night because we had two parks to hit on Saturday.



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