Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sunday, July 6

I dropped off the rental car after leaving my sister in bed because their train didn’t leave until 7 p.m. and I was shuttled to the airport. I had to pay $3 to check my bag because I didn’t check in online. Bull…I didn’t have the energy to argue I just wanted to go home. Remember this, Delta is the devil! The guy told me that to not have to pay that fee I should check in online. Well, I was too dayum tired to deal with that at night, Delta is nickel and diming folks to death. RDITD!

Anyway, our plane from Orlando to Atlanta was on time, but the folks on it were some kinda idiots. I have never seen so many folks who were just rude and especially towards the flight attendants. I sat next to some skinny guy, who seemed a bit flighty.

Then I had a 3 hour layover in Atlanta. So from 12:15 until 2:00 I sat in that airport worried, because my connecting flight was not listed on the ticker board, but the airline folks assured me I was in the right place. Well, at about 2:30 it was posted on the ticker board (mind you this was after the airport had grounded planes due to bad weather, which equal lightning and rain for 30 mins) so I decided to go get something to eat. Well, when I returned my flight was missing again from the board, Ugh! There went my hunger. I cannot eat when I am nervous or anxious. Well, they changed our gate and at the gate it was listed on time 4:30 pm and 20 mins later it was 5 pm, then 5:20 pm, then 6:00 pm, then 7:32 pm and finally 8:32 pm. I was beyond pissed. I was sitting around that dayum airport on a slow simmer and remembering how much of a devil Delta truly is. I know some folks would say hey, it wasn’t Delta’s fault the weather was bad, oh, but it was their fault I sat in that dayum airport for 8 hours. I had 3 different gate changes and I am supposed to be happy? Not. I just kept waiting on them to cancel my flight. Unlike other passengers on my flight back to Montgomery, I could care less about my luggage; I just wanted to get home. The workers were peeved because the customers were peeved. One must experience being in an airport with flight delays and mass cancellations to really understand what it is like. I mean I lost 8 hours of my life that I cannot get back and Delta only said, sorry.

Okay here is the deal with the plane and our delay. First of all our plane was diverted, then when it came in, it had damaged which they were trying to fix. After not locating the parts they got us another plane which meant all things had to be transferred over etc. Then they made us wait another 30 minutes because the plane had too much fuel and they had to burn it off. That is why Delta can kick bricks, that was majorly wasteful. I could not believe that. You are nickel and diming us to death and you say it is because of fuel and you have the audacity to waste fuel. Shut up! Ugh! Luckily, I arrived home with my luggage and a thank you Lord for bringing me home and not allowing me to be on CNN and locked up for breaking my foot off in some Delta employee’s behind!

However, with the small inconveniences (except Sunday’s) nothing could change the wonderful time I had with my family. It felt good and will have a lasting impression on us all. Now if I can get my clothes washed and my suitcase put up before my next adventure to the National Book Club Conference on July 31, 2008…



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