Thursday, September 18, 2008

September Happenings...

The month of September has been busy and it is over halfway over and it will be time to plan for the holidays. Even though my vacation has been over for several months now, I am still moving at a pace of someone who is still on vacation. I was doing so much prior to my vacation when I finally slowed down, it felt good. On to more rambling…

Let me say all the hoopla over the Republican vice-presidential pick has had my head spinning. I am just amazed folks think other folks are ignorant and so stupid that we don’t know when smoke is being blown up our butts. I am voting for the person who I feel will pull this country forward and not do it at the expense of the everyday working people. Nothing more, nothing less. Neither race nor gender has anything to do with my political preference. All I want is for people to vote and exercise their right to do so, because another few years of what we have now really scares me. I knew when Bush was re-elected things were going to get worse, and they did. So if you haven’t registered to vote, do so. In Alabama folks can register until 10 days prior to the election.

I had a minor outpatient procedure on August 27 and I realize I cannot withstand pain. I thought I had a high tolerance for pain, but on that Wednesday I came to realize I don’t. I remember being in recovery (the procedure only took 15 minutes) and waking up saying I was in pain. The nurse immediately gave me Demoral. When they took me to my room I was still in pain and very nauseous. So the nurse gave me a Percocet and some dry saltine crackers and diet ginger ale. Ugh! I don’t drink diet sodas, when I do drink a soda it isn’t diet. I have an aversion to sugar substitutes. However, the pain was intense and while my cousin was being a social butterfly I was in that hospital bed hurting. When she returned she sees my face and the nurse returned to give me another dose of Percocet. The nurse gave me my discharge orders and said when I was rested enough I could leave. When she left, I told my cousin to give me my clothes because I was ready to go. My cousin was asking if I was serious and my response was this dayum nurse just gave me aspirin for cramps. ASPIRIN FOR THE TYPE CRAMPS I HAVE SUFFERED FROM MOST OF MY ADOLESCENT TO ADULTHOOD LIFE IS LIKE GIVING ME A SUGAR PILL! Yep, I was mad and in pain. In 15 minutes I was in my cousin’s car praying we would get home quickly so I could take a hydrocodone. All better now, hopefully the procedure will eliminate my issues or a least make life easier.

I had my retightening on September 11th. I didn’t have the heart to tell my consultant it had been 9 weeks since my last full retightening. As you know I had been doing my assigned section so it was freshly retightened but the back of my head and the left side was a fool. I knew when she finished the right side in 30 minutes I had done a good job on that area, but chile it took her 4 hours to finish my head. What should have taken 3 hours maximum, took 4 hours. Homegirl was tired and saying we could never go that long. She kept asking me why I didn’t do the other side and I was like you told me to only do my section on the right side and you know I follow the rules. Plus, after marrying locks in the back and on the left side I knew I didn’t need to compound the situation any more. She said my technique looked good. Now I have to do both sides by the next retightening. I was so glad to feel my scalp, but lawdy did it hurt. My scalp was sore for days. She did have to combine some locks because they were small and seem to be thinning in my problem area. She undid my lock that I had put a knot in during my most frustrating period. I have learned to be patient because when I did my little section it only took me 2 hours, compared to the first time where it took me 4 hours. I have also learned when I get tired or frustrated stop. DIY is not so bad, but I ain’t ready to do my whole head yet. These locks are too small. Hopefully, by next month I can order me some spare tools, but after hearing the horror stories of dealing with the SL home office, dare I say trying to get additional tool maybe a test in my ability to remain calm in a storm.

So for my birthday I took the weekend off from my part-time job to rest and do something for myself. I had been debating if I was going to try to see Janet Jackson in Atlanta in October, but when I went to crunching the numbers I cursed Bush and settled for a facial and a few hours at the spa. Question? When using the whirlpool/Jacuzzi are you supposed to be naked? Let’s just say there is a reason I don’t get in public pools and whirlpools. I was just appalled that folks thought it was cool to get in the whirlpool naked. I was too through. The whirlpool/Jacuzzi is located in the quiet room. When I first went to this spa, everyone who got in the whirlpool was properly attired in bathing suits. This time, baby, these folks had no shame and it made other folks who wanted to get in the whirlpool uncomfortable. I had a nasty look on my face because really I don’t know where your tail has been and hot water and germs don’t mix. So I read and enjoyed the almost quiet room. Other than the nasty folks my afternoon was wonderful.

I know some of you are wondering about the picture of the shrimp. That is for my sister. We have this healthy competition going between us. She made chicken marsala the other week, and all she could brag about was that it was so good, but she had no pictures to prove it. So I wanted her to see what something that tasted good would look like. Just sisterly competition. So don’t expect more like that unless she ups the ante.

So far things this month have gone well even with our pecan tree throwing a limb through our back window on the day after Labor Day and the quickness of the tree cutter who removed a decades old tree in less than 2 hours. So busy me and busy month…

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At 1:29 AM, Blogger CarmenNC said...

OMG, your hair has GROWN so much. I remember looking through your blog back in early 2007 when I started my first set. WOW.

I am glad that you had your health procedure done, but sorry that you went through so much pain.

The naked booties in the whirlpool, yuck and eww. Add some bubble bath and it would be like taking a bath together.

At 1:52 AM, Blogger justeyez said...

Hello - Searching the net for SL blogs (I am newly SL'd - just at the 3 month mark), and I have to say your hair looks wonderful!
I am in total agreement with your views on the heathcare system - a nationwide revamp just needs to be done!
Umm - any chance of getting you to foward that shrimp dish recipe? :)

At 3:16 PM, Blogger Cashana said...

Justeyez, I'll post it at some point. Um, I make my own BBQ sauce and I don't do measurements. LOL!

At 9:51 PM, Blogger justeyez said...

I'll take your best guess. Thx!


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