Monday, July 21, 2008

I'm still on vacation...In my mind!

For those who had time, you see I had a very eventful vacation. I don't know about you, but when I come back from vacation I still need a few days of rest from the hustle of the whole vacation thing.

I have tons of pictures to upload and scan. I have been a bit lazy in trying to get this done because it takes so long, when I want to get it done quickly.

Quickly, my hair is doing fine. I have just been freestyling lately because it has been so hot. I even took the time to actually look at the lint in the back of my head and I just frankly give up. Seriously, I don't know how that much lint got in the last row of my hair. It is ugly and disgusting and I am not sure there is anything I could have done differently to insure I didn't have such a buildup. Yes, I have done the ACV rinse and even tried to pick some out, to no avail. So I am either going to always keep my hair rinsed or use a black sharpie. Initially I was stressed about it, but now, it is what it is. I have a few locks my consultant is going to have to combine or I'm going to lose them, okay it is really only two of them and I have not braided my hair for a braid out because they are thick near the root, then thin and back thick again. Any idea how that happened? I have no clue. I will be taking the retightening class on July 28th all by my lonesome. I had hoped to take it with another person, but there was no way since I would have been on vacation. So I look forward to and dread this next stage for me, but it is becoming a necessity because I need to be using that retightening money on other things, like gas! The shedding has decreased due to me moisturizing more. My hair is doing its thing and I do have a few more buds, nothing to get too excited over.

My book club has decided to use Breast Cancer Awareness as our community service platform this year. With two members surviving and one who just had a new diagnoses for a different breast, it was time for all us to stand collectively in this fight. We will be donating items and doing hands on volunteering for the cause. No new books of real interest to tell you about, hopefully when my mind stops thinking it is on vacation I'll have some new titles to share with you. On August 1-3, is the National Book Club Conference. I have attended 3 times already, I missed the very first one and the one in 2007 because they went to Ghana. I'll get to see some of my author crushes such as Eric Jerome Dickey and I hope I can get a picture with Tavis Smiley, even though I did a letter to him for one of my book club newsletters. Hopefully, he hasn't googled his name lately. (You would be surprised at the folks who are drawn to my book club website just because they googles their names and found info regarding them on the site.) My sister and the other ladies of 3 Chicks on Lit blogtalk will also be taping there during the event, so we will get to hang out some more. For more information regarding the event check the site at

This weekend at my 2nd job was CRAZY. On Friday, I walked in and 3 people had either quit or gotten fired. Another one bit the dust on Sunday. One has threatened her lawyer on us. One could only apologize for his situation (I think he has a drinking problem). One has no clue she no longer works for us. The other one should have seen the writing on the wall. Seriously, with the economy as it is, why are folks asses off jobs?

Anyway, hopefully this week you will be able to see pictures from my vacation, pictures of my hair and pictures of my family.


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