Monday, September 28, 2009

Here’s To a Rambling Great Week…

Why is one of my workers at my part-time job pregnant? "They" say she did it because all her friends have a baby. WTH? They also say she came into the store on Saturday. Wow, normally she comes to the office and speaks to me. I am totally disappointed. I could be heard walking around the store calling folks dumb and stupid most of last night.

I don't think the kids here realize having children is no joke. Being a single mom is no joke. The father's are only going to be around for a little while if they are lucky. HIV in their age demographic is no joke in this area.

I was so lazy this weekend. No cleaning. No real anything. I'll try again next weekend.

No job comes to you. You have to go to it and act like you want it.

It is unacceptable to come to an interview with a grill in your mouth. Seriously, I thought that fashion statement had passed.

It is unacceptable to have visible tattoos. Hiding them on your neck will not work. I have someone go to the bathroom during your interview to see if you have one back there.

Facebook going to get some folks hurt.

I have my Mama Dearest book by E. Lynn Harris. Problem is I don't want to read it because I have no other Harris books to look forward to. L

My friends and I got kicked out of a bar on my birthday. Not for being rowdy, but because we ordered food from a restaurant next door to the establishment after getting permission and the okay from the server. Pissed me off. I wrote an email to the owner of the establishment. I stopped responding when he stated he was sorry for hurting my feelings. Um, I have to know you and care about you in order for you to hurt my feelings. My feelings weren't hurt. I was pissed about the inequitable way we were being treating when another patron had enjoyed his sandwich without any consequences. Idiot.

There is an underlying climate in this country where folks think just because the President is bi-racial, we should be happy and they can say and do whatever they want because of President Obama. I am going to call you on it when I see and feel it. Things change, but some things stay the same.

I know what Kanye did was wrong, but folks were thinking what he said. What? That girl's video is boring. I don't heart anyway. How you going to have a video awards show and your channel doesn't even show videos.

I have my This Is It tickets. Don't judge. My heart still hurts.

I hate dreadlocks, but yours are okay. Do you wash them? …Said to me the day after my birthday.

Yes, I do wash my locks.

A prospective employee came in to fill out an application, but we were out of them. He raised his voice to me. The whole time I am saying, "Seriously, are you raising your voice to me, the person who has to interview you and the one who will hire you?" Happened Friday night.

I don't care if you wear a perm, wig or weave. That's your business. However, don't get mad at me when I make note of bad perms, wigs or weaves. We have all seen them. Jo.y Br.yant's nod to weaves was cute, but in reality she has sported some that really weren't that great looking, however, she did pay a grip for them so that is okay. You do you. I am going to do me. Just make sure the hair you wear out is healthy and the hair underneath is as well.

I told a young lady on last Friday her hair looked great. It was a weave bob that was feathered just so. Her hair was beautiful, no lie. How did I know it was a weave? She was schooling another lady on the benefits of a sew-in as opposed to glue in.

Twittering is going to get folks hurt. Twitter beefs are the new thing. I read the Twitter thing by Mashonda directed towards Alic.ia Key.s. Folks are saying she should be going off on the husband, not the woman. Hell, the woman is hurting and when someone posts about love and you know she is speaking of your husband you would feel some kinda way too.

I don't like listening to the radio anymore. What is this "LOL smiley face…" mess? Awful. Dreadful.

Two more people are following me on twitter. How many twits have I done? 0

This will be a great week. Here's to you having a great one too!






At 10:14 AM, Blogger Maryee said...

Girl, get yo ramble on!!!! Funny!

At 11:33 AM, Blogger Cashana said...

@Maryee - LOL!


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