Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas...Randoms...

I know it has been a minute but I have been busy, busy, busy.  I thought when I was no longer a caretaker I would have all this free time, but um, I seemed to have learned the art of finding stuff to do.  Most likely a coping mechanism, but today I actually said I feel happy and that hasn't happened in a long while.  So to regal you through your holiday, I thought I would present to you a present of my ramblings...Cheap gift, but it works for me.  LOL!

  • I read a blog this morning and the blogger stated she played the Michael Jackson Experience game until she got musty because it was that serious.  I laughed out loud.  At work.
  • One blogger wrote recently that No Hands by Waka Flocka gives her fever especially Wale's verse.  I was so happy to see that because I was always embarrassed that I knew Wale's part and I would be dancing to that stripper song.  Thank you Nerdgirl!
  • My sister had a nightmare during the day about me.  See I made all my gifts to my book club members (3 types of cookies, 2 bookmarks).  She says I have put the pressure on her.  Even her boss had to tell her, "Tiffany, you are your own person.  Do what feels right for you and you can't compare yourself to your sister...blah, blah."  I can't help I am fabulous.  Seriously, I am a Virgo so I plan, organize and execute. 
  • So why did I text my sister after I finished the bookmarks that if I ever say I am making anything again to get in her car and drive here from Virginia and beat my azz and drive back home.  I was so tired and delirious from that crafting project.  The cookies weren't bad but making them damn Yummers with that chocolate was not the business.  Chocolate every damn where.
  • My hair is boring.  I will blog about my 4 years with Sisterlocks next month hopefully by my anniversary. 
  • Christmas eve will find me at home in my pjs all day.  I will change them that evening when I take a bath.  I want everyone to know I ain't going no where, I ain't doing anything and I betta not be bothered for any nonsense.
  • My book club Christmas meeting was at my house as usual.  At one point, I announced I was not answering the door anymore.  Hell, the meeting starts at 6:30 and these folks were showing up when the wanted to and two showed up at 7:30.  Really?  So rude and inconsiderate.  The food was on point and the decorations were on point.
  • My niece told her mother their Christmas tree was cheap.  I laughed.  I don't think my sister found that amusing.
  • My oldest niece begged her not to post the picture on Face.Book.
  • My cousin posted on my wall he had finished putting up their country tree.  He called it a mess.  I tried to be encouraging and asked him to send me a picture of the tree, but he text me back, "I'd rather not."  Sad.  He did send me a picture and it didn't look bad at all.  Although he said it was leaning and off center.
  • Christmas is for the very young and the old. 
  • My decorations come down the Monday after Christmas.  I am going to be sleeping off the wine from Christmas day to take stuff down Sunday, but Monday night it will look like Christmas had never visited.
  • At my regular coffee shop, one of the older regulars had a brain stroke on last Friday.  I pray he will recover.  I am going to miss him asking me if I was cold, because I never wear a coat.
  • Speaking of weather.  Who in the hell pissed off Mother Nature?  Seriously, we aren't having four seasons.  We went from straight summer to actual winter in October.  Excuse me, but in Alabama we do not get winter weather until the end of January or February.  We didn't even have a fall, the poor trees haven't even lost all their leaves. 
  • The security guard every evening asks me about my coat.  I don't wear one.  I have a leather one in the car.  I can't drive with it on and the hassle to put it on for 3 minutes is a waste.  So inconvenient. 
  • Read my previous post about Mama Nem's, folks have confirmed they are still slow.  Damn, still can't go back yet.
  • I love my youngest niece, no really I do, but every time she comes to my house she rearranges the magnets on my refrigerator.  No one asks anymore why, they know.
  • I was watching Soul Food a couple weeks ago and wrapping presents.  Well, of course I was having a moment and my cousin, who is like my best friend, G, called and said he was watching it too and no matter how many times he turned away from it he had to watch it.  So we talked through our emotions because it was like looking at our family.  Me and my two cousins are like sisters.  I told G I was not Bird, I don't act like her.  My sister was like, "Who am I the cousin that comes to sleep with the sister's husband?  Hell nawl."  LOL!
  • I didn't ask for anything for Christmas, because what I want can't happen.
  • Did I mention I was happy today?
  • I enjoyed our office Christmas luncheon.  I made my self sick with the lime sherbet and ginger ale punch.  Haven't tried it?  Get it in your life ASAP!
  • I took the leftover candy from my meeting to my 2nd job and all the candy was gone in less than 24 hours.  Those kids are sick over sugar.  I mean really I brought it in on Sunday at 5 pm and the majority of the bag was left at closing at 9 pm, but on Monday at 4:30 pm it was gone.  We open at 9:30 am, they are dangerous when it comes to candy.
  • I still haven't gotten my dog yet.  Next year.  Really.  I have been too busy for anything else right now.
  • My book club member lost her cookies I gave them for Christmas.  She told me two days in a row that she couldn't find them.  In my head, "Chile, what you want me to do about it.  I ain't baking Sh&#!"  I just told her I hope she finds them, she did.
  • I haven't purchased any shoes since Black Friday.  That is good for me, but it hasn't been for not trying.  Yeah, I need help.
  • I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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At 3:09 PM, Blogger V @ Locks-N-Motion said...

Your randoms always keep me laughing. Don't feel bad I like Wale's verse in that song as well. Lol!

At 5:06 AM, Blogger Cashana said...

Thank you girl, because my sister says there should be a cut off age for listening to rap music. Have good holiday!

At 3:18 PM, Blogger Meikmeika said...

Wow! You have been busy busy busy! Your locks are looking so thick and gorgeous!

At 4:53 PM, Blogger Cashana said...

Meikmeika, You are BACK! Yeah! Yep, really busy. The hair is the hair, blah! LOL!


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