Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Memory Lane...The Best Kisses

Do you remember the best kiss you have ever had? Lord, I have had 2 guys who were the best, but for the most part most of the guys I have dated can kiss. Umh, memories.

My first kiss was with this guy we use to call Chicago. He was cute in an off center kinda way, but the boy had an overbite, so my first kiss was juicy. His kiss didn’t melt my heart, but it let me know at 13 years old, I like to kiss.

There was this guy in Florida who I loved to death. I mean I just was head over heels in love with him. Now mind you he had an ET shape head, for real. His name *Eddie Jackson. I loved me some Eddie. I dreamed about him, I doodled his name all over my notebooks and everyone at my school new I loved me some EJ. In fact they made sure before I left Florida I got to kiss him. Man, my friends were the best. After school on my last day, it was worked out where we would meet and do the do. Kiss. So we get to the bathroom (men’s?) and as nervous as all out we kissed and ya’ll I can still feel the way his jaws worked because he had a strong jaw line. Eddie could kiss and I relived that moment until I talked my uncle into allowing me to return to Florida to finish out my last two months. Of course, instead of Eddie and me getting together he thought I tricked him. Whatever. Shoot, Jacksonville was my home and I wasn’t ready to leave yet. So until I left again for Alabama and for good (I did have his phone number) I dreamed about that bathroom kiss with all the track team outside listening to us. Like we was moaning or something. Get out of here. Memories.

Now when I got to Alabama kissing was my thing. I knew I could put it down when it came to kissing, I perfected my kiss and I knew it was the ish. However, I found that the boyfriends I had in high school (except one, I’ll get to him later), could not kiss. I mean if you know that was all you were going to get from me, wouldn’t you set out to make it worth my while in hopes I would give up the draws? They kissed okay, but they had nothing on EJ. Until Charlie, yeah that is his real name.

Charlie and I were best friends. We met in the 10th grade, but our friendship was cultivated during our junior year. Now, I just wanted us to be friends, but he really wanted more. I mean this guy wrote me a love note on a pencil (I still have it too.) However, that junior year during Christmas he showed up at my house with a gift. Aah, and when I went to hug him, he just up and kissed me. Ohmygosh! I was shocked and pleasantly surprised. That boy could kiss. I almost forgot I was feening for MT. Oh well, I put off taking our friendship to another level for many reasons, but mostly because I didn’t want to lose my friend. We did try to be a couple for 3 days during our senior year, but I just couldn’t do it. With the thought of that kiss still branded in my mind, I tried but I was still trying to get with MT. A waste. MT kissed okay, but he didn’t have the lips for it. Sorry MT. However, after high school me and Charlie dated off and on until a year before he got married (don’t ask). I mean one night we kissed for like 2 hours straight. It was that good, we didn’t need to breathe. Shoot. Let me just say he was one of my best kissers.

Older doesn’t mean a person will be a good kisser. I dated this guy for a year and a half, but if it wasn’t for…never mind cause he wasn’t bad but he wasn’t great either. At his age, compared to my age, he should have had the flavor and technique that I had. Then there was this guy, who had plump lips which made great pillow kisses, but being reminded of his lust for Caucasian love was a turn off, but he could kiss.

I have kissed a host of guys, even though I can count the guys who made it past first base. Now my other best kisser was smooth. We were having this conversation and he got me in debating mode and while I am arguing my point, this man just kissed my loudness away. I was so taken aback I was sitting there like OHMYGOSH! I was unprepared, but you know when you know you can kiss you ain’t gonna hold nothing back so I gave as good as I took and threw him for a loop. Don’t underestimate a real kisser; we don’t bow down to a challenge. We still talk about that kiss. He is a sensual kisser whose movements with his mouth and tongue are used to meld you both together in an ancient dance of seduction. His mouth offers naughty secrets and gentle thrusts of what is to come. Firmness with each stroke of his tongue and the caress of his hands initiate more, but his heat ignites a fire that even his kiss can make you explode. Until you have been kissed to the point surrealism and carnal melding – you haven’t been kissed senseless. …I’ll be back…

Anyway as you can tell kissing is my thing and I thank one of my fellow bloggers for the trip down memory lane.

P. S. I was looking through old drafts on my computer and found this little diddy. I liked the way it was written and decided to blog it. I probably should have put it on my anonymous blog, but heck it is good story.

*Name changed to protect the innocent.

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