Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Randoms on my heart...

  • Um, this T.ea Par.ty group is making waves and it is scary.
  • President Obama can't do anything right for folks.  Now he is exploiting his daughters with his book?  Bull!  I wish my Father would have thought enough of me to write a book for me and about me.
  • Reg.gie Bush is sleazy because he gave back the Heisman instead of them taking it back?  Really, people?  Decide which side you are on.
  • Football is back.  Sigh...
  • MT.V Awards = boring.  Why?  Why do they have an awards show when they don't show videos?
  • when you are 4ft tall being orange ain't cute. 
  • I loved Kanye's red suit, my sister didn't.  She doesn't like him at all, but she had to raise her hands for the scumbags, jerk offs etc. LOL!
  • I love me some Chelsea Handler, but her hosting on the Awards was a disappointment.  I need to campaign for Chris Rock to come back.  Well, I really rather compaign they just stop the awards altogether.
  • I like Lady G.aga, but she is eventually going to run out of shock value outfits.  I didn't know until, okay yesterday, the dress she had on when she won Video of the Year was actually made out of raw meat.  Ugh!  All I can think about is the smell and flies...Let me stop there.  What's next? 
  • At least the BET aka EBT Awards entertain me.  Well they make me laugh.
  • One thing I did notice was even though both networks are owned by the same company, M.TV has the bigger budget.  Just something I notice.
  • The issue with the football team and the female reporter, makes me sigh some more.  Women deserve as much respect as their male counterparts in whatever industry one works in, but...I feel some kinda way about the dress of the female sports reporter.  I don't know, when one dresses professionally normally one is treated professionally.  I can't take someone seriously who has all their assests out.  But that is just me.  At least it has us talking.
  • El Debarge's song Second Chance is just beautiful.
  • Now if more of the music was as good.
  • Have a great day!

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At 4:44 PM, Blogger blackrussian said...

OMG! I never heard anyone call them the EBT Awards which reminds me.

I was in the grocery store the other day, dressed casual, but not busted. I was wearing a pretty printed tunic and capri yoga pants.

As I reached into my designer leather handbag and pulled out my designer leather wallet (but the name of neither was prominently displayed because I refuse to pay brands to advertize for them - just a personal thing, but anyway, I digress...) the teenaged cashier said: Will you be paying by EBT?

I gave her the dirtiest look...

I'm not one to think this often, but I was totally like: Was it because I'm black? Was it because my hair is locked? Where did that come from?

What about my appearance or demeanor prompted the AA cashier to ask me that question?

She looked instantly embarrased as I handed her my Visa DEBIT card, but still....

At 7:23 PM, Blogger Cashana said...

This happened to me once. I looked at the Cashier, dead in her eye and said, "Everyone who is black does not pay for their groceries with an EBT card. The better question would be, How will you be paying." She turned two shades of red and I haven't had her ask me that again.


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