Thursday, September 23, 2010

Nancy's Italian Ice...

After a recent book club meeting, since I was on that side of town and I had recently read a review of the place, I decided to check it out and try some of their gelato.  Mind you I have only had gelato a few times, but I always remembered how flavorful and rich just a small portion would be.  So I hightailed it took my time leaving the meeting.  And less than 10 minutes later I was standing at the counter of Nancy's Italian Ice.  I had a hard decision to make.  Not really, being sarcastic they only had one flavor for the day.  Peppermint.  I wasn't too sure about that.  Lucky for me, the lovely and courteous counter helper offered to let me taste it with the chocolate chips.  I was a bit hesitant, but I said, "Sure."  OMG!  That was the best sh gelato I have ever tasted!

It was creamy, refreshing and rich.  In the words of Rachael Ray, Yum-o!  I was like give me a large one.  Now mind you a large ain't that much, but the right amount to just savor and fall in love with if bountiful flavor.  Later that night after it was all gone, all I could think about was when I would be on that side of town again and when they would have Peppermint on the menu again. 

My birthday came and I decided to treat myself.  I crossed my fingers in hopes Peppermint with chocolate chips was on the flavors that day.  Guess what?  It was.  Yeah, for me.  And it was just as good as before.  Loves it!

If you are in the area, please check it out.  I understand their Italian Ice is great as well. 

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At 3:57 PM, Blogger blackrussian said...

We have a lovely gelato shop here in Greenville called LunaRosa run by a true Italian.

OMG! Best. Frozen. Treat. Ever.

A small would be the perfect-size serving for me, but you have to get a medium to get two flavors.

They have a divine flavor called chocolate velvet that is just as delicious as it sounds.


Gelato is served slightly warmer than regular ice cream and it's creamier, so it lends itself to blending flavors in your cone as you eat it.

Yep. YUM-O!

A lot of people don't know that gelato has less fat and calories and more flavor per serving than traditional American ice cream.


If you're ever in Greenville, SC, look me up and we HAVE to go!

At 7:21 PM, Blogger Cashana said...

Someone who understands how wonderful Gelato is. Believe you and me if I am in Greenville, SC I'll be looking up both you and LunaRosa!


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