Tuesday, June 12, 2012

June Challenge - Day 12

Day 12 – Recycling and Sustainability

I could give you this glorified synopsis on how my family and I recycle and try to honor the earth in using sustainable products and eat sustainable food. But I am not going to lie to you.

I recycle a little bit, but not like I should. I try not to waste things, but that has more to do with me being cheap. I do try to get items and food grown and raised in the area or at least this country, but I do not hold fast to that distinction either.

When my uncle was alive we did save cans, but it was quite embarrassing because most of the cans were his Colt 45 cans. Since, we didn’t and still don’t drink sodas like that. I know I should do better, and maybe I will. Does my garden count?

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