Friday, June 08, 2012

Randomness and Ramblings and Rants…

My First Sunflower bloom!

This was my second week in a row of a 4 day work week. And they were both nice and went by quickly. Now to get my head ready for next week when I must got to work every day next week. Oh, this includes the 2nd job too.

Orange Coneflower

My neighborhood is turning into something despicable. I have felt safe and comfortable in my neighborhood for well over 20 years. Now, I am started to feel a little apprehension. Why you may ask? Two weeks ago, a young man got shot not too far from me. My folks called me about it on a Sunday, but they were so damn late, it happened on Saturday. And according to the gossip, the guy who got shot in the leg was asked to leave by the home owner and he didn’t. Teach him to not leave when asked to!

This morning as I checked my morning news online there is a bright headline stating a body had been found at my neighborhood community center. Really? Yes, it was found last night. Now, I can’t hit the track on Saturday mornings. What is crazy is on Wednesday due to me being angry I hit the track as soon as I got home and changed and I was the only one walking, there were other folks but they were in the building.

There are too many young folks in the neighborhood who need to be working and being productive instead of trying to outwit the law. Doesn’t seem to be working.
My smaller marigolds, which grew like a planted bouquet.

My book club’s website is updated and back up with a more streamlined look and less shyte for me to update now. It took me damn near a year to get it done, but I did. I am so proud of myself. I was able to find a new webhost for a more economical value. Go! But let me tell the last two weeks of getting it up and going was no walk in the park.

I was working on a pizza recipe for the blog, but hell I just haven’t finished it.

I haven’t cook anything special the last couple of weeks because I have been busy with other stuff. And not cooking anything this weekend. I had to break the kids on my 2nd job’s heart and tell them I ain’t cooking anything right now. I do not feel like and it is just too hot to heat up a kitchen.
Red Coneflower...

I need a vacation. Not happening this year. My life used to be filled with vacations and events, now I am like an old spinster lady. (But I am still cute though!)

When I get mad, I try to exercise the anger out, it works somewhat. Unfortunately, I am still mad with my sister. Sighing…I need for folks to be honest with themselves.

Salads all next week. I am kinda excited about that.

My co-worker says I am a bit nutty. All because I like to be proactive. Geez!

A customer on my 2nd job asked for some remoulade sauce. The cashier didn’t have any idea of what the hell she was talking about. When I walked by, the customer repeated she wanted our remoulade sauce. And given I do not know how to censor my facial expressions; I looked at her and said, “You mean the special sauce, the secret sauce? Because we do not have a remoulade sauce and I know what it is, and our sauce is nothing like it.” She seemed to doubt my knowledge. After over 17 years, I think I know. Our sauce is the color of a remoulade sauce, but so far from the taste of it.
Jealous of a round cucumber and more tomatoes than a human can possibly eat!

My cousin’s husband is really jealous of my gardening skills. 1st of all, I have no skills I am still learning. My cucumbers look like round balls, my grape tomato plants are ridiculous and are taller than my fence (I can't eat that many tomatoes!), I am scared of sunflowers since a worm touched my arm, I have killed one sunflower pot of plants and two pots of peppers and my roses have black spot fungus. Not to mention, my arms are all scratched up and I break out everytime I water my "garden". What the hell is there to be jealous of? He went out Sunday and brought more seeds, not a good idea, he is gonna burn them seeds up as hot as it is getting.
I am proud of my container flowers, they are so beautiful.

 When my brother laughs, it makes my heart smile with joy.

I have to show you this picture of Carson, cool daddy, right?
You know I am taking him to the club, right?

Were you irritated by my need to post from my phone and sending out test shots? I was annoyed because it took me hours to figure it out.

I want to do Instagram, but no one in my family is doing it so, that is a wrap!

Happy belated birthday to Prince! I used to be so in love with his royal purple badness. I thought he was so sexy. And to be honest with you at 54 years, he could still get it. Don’t judge me!
His Purple Sexiness!

I am going to try not to work too hard this weekend and try to carve out a little me time, which means I will be taking copious amounts of naps, so next week will be the best week yet!

P. S. I cheated on the challenge; I scheduled Saturday and Sunday’s posts. I am rarely on the computer on the weekends.

Jealous of this overgrown monstrosity known as my raised garden?  Even the copper tape has had enough!

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