Wednesday, June 06, 2012

June Writing Challenge...Because I haven't done one before!

I decided I would do a blog challenge for a month. Of course, I can’t do like everyone else. I have to start late and do one from a resource I googled. Yeah, not one to conform. Anyway, here is the challenge that I got from here:

From the site:  To get us started, I brainstormed a list of topics. Feel free to use them if you want to. There is no topic each week. Just write your heart out and link up!

1. Music

2. Movies

3. Relationships (work or personal)

4. Your best friend

5. Your kid(s)

6. Your pet(s)

7. Your favorite place to shop

8. Favorite brands

9. Magazines

10. TV shows

11. Weather/Seasons

12. Recycling/Sustainability

13. Blog Challenges

14. Blog rewards

15. hobbies

16. childhood memories

17. What others should know about you

18. Best advice

19. What you can't live without

20. Fears (or anything you are afraid of)

21. What you would do if you had $1 million

22. When I grow up, I want to be...

23. How, why, when did you start blogging? Your story.

24. Food (likes, dislikes)

25. Gym (favorite workouts, activities)

26. Sports

27. Favorite quotes

28. Saturday night

29. Favorite place to travel

30. Some day...

And since I am already five days behind, I will do the first five in one post. Yeah!

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