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Post New Year's Randoms

So how is your New Year’s going? Mine is going pretty good. I am taking a new approach to this year by trying to stay positive and not dwell on the negative. And believe me it easier said than done. So much has happened in the last couple of weeks so I am going to randomly run through them. You may want to get yourself a cup of coffee or a glass of wine depending on when you are reading this because this is a long one…

My last significant post was on December 21st. Let’s see Christmas was on its way. I got to enjoy a very relaxing Christmas Eve on my couch in my pj’s all day. I also enjoyed some Cupcake Red Velvet wine as I finally was still enough to watch Think Like a Man. It was surprisingly pretty good. I laughed and I thought the way they worked the story from the non-fiction book was pretty decent. Of course, in my mind I wanted them to delve a bit more into the backgrounds of the women and men, but I am no screenwriter.

Christmas Day I woke up to rain. I was like it rained last year on Christmas, but this year it wasn’t so bad that I got drenched while packing up my food to take to my cousins. So, I was okay with it.

Christmas at my cousin’s was real nice and quiet. I mean there were about 20 folks there, but everything was low-key, which I like. The food was good and spending time with family is priceless. I did get to see Carson, but my clubbing partner was not having me holding and touching him. In fact I didn’t even try. Plus, my goodness he walks so damn fast I wasn’t going to be able to keep up with him anyway.
These are my 2nd cousins, their moms are my 1st cousins

Carson and his gift from me.  A clubbing outfit...
The only thing about Christmas being on a Tuesday is most folks have to go to work on Wednesday, and I was one of them. So most of Christmas I was preoccupied with getting back home at a reasonable time and trying to beat the impending storm.

Yes, we had tornado warnings and watches and by 6 pm, I was like I better start heading home so as not to get caught in the storm.

The only problem was I was storming on the inside. You see I got my brand new Samsung Galaxy 3, but as we were talking around the Christmas tree, I saw a warning sign on my phone stating I had gone over my text messaging by 120 messages. First of all, I have unlimited everything. And when I realized the folks at my provider T-mo, were enjoying Christmas, I knew my Christmas was over and I needed to get home. But first, I turned my phone off because damn lie if someone is going to text me and cause me unnecessary charges. I live on a budget. Shit. Yeah, I was mad.

The next morning, because you know I didn’t sleep I was on the phone with T-mo at 5:00 am. It took 50 minutes to get the mess straightened out. Seemingly, when I called to activate my phone on the 18th, the service rep offered me a new data plan that would only cost me a penny. I told her several times I did not want my services changed meaning I was okay with the plan as long as I kept my unlimited phone, text and data and my bill never went over $100. She was so sure that everything would be intact. Even before we hung up I asked her if I still had my unlimited everything and she said yes. Byotch was wrong. My plan was an old plan that they do not offer anymore and I had been grandfathered into. So, Rachael made the mistake and saying to me that her supervisor said I need to be careful changing my plans. I saw stars, stripes and had to count to 10, and then I proceeded to tell Rachel to be careful stating something so stupid. Why would I give up my unlimited messaging when I text all the damn time? She apologized quickly after I stated I have been with them for 15 years. That is loyalty. Anyway, she fixed the situation but those 50 minutes were quite tense. They gave me back my old plan and then I had to talk with the folks with the loyalty program because my January bill was supposed to be free and I would only pay taxes. Joshua was all about business, he knew when I accepted the offer and he took care of that and took off the upgrade fee that T-mo charges now. I swear the cell phone companies are trying to rip folks off. Let’s not mention I got a data alert on my phone today and had to cuss them out again. They fixed it, but this is the shyte that makes folks lose their minds. Also, my next month’s bill is credited except for taxes. Loyalty. And thank God!

Enough of that talk, that is negative and I ain’t trying to hear that. I worked the three days of that week and baby, my desk was clean. You hear me Clean! I worked on my 2nd job as well. I managed to get my tree down and things in storage room all on Saturday. And then I cleaned my house so you know I wouldn’t bring the New Year in with a nasty house. I am old fashion. What of it?

I took New Year’s Eve off from work and I used that day to make a giant pot of soup and watch mindless television. And drink wine. However, I also got some pretty disturbing news. One of the attorneys in my office son was murdered that morning. You read about this type thing happening but this was the first time it hit close to home. Our legal unit is small, but we are like a small family. His loss was our loss and we hurt for him. And the murder was senseless. RIP Jay.

I know you are dying to know what I did for New Year’s Eve night. Tell me you want to know. Ok, you don’t care, but I did nothing. Absolutely, nothing. I watched a movie and by the time it ended I was sleepy and I was in bed at 11 and when midnight came I was sleep. My cousin woke me up wishing my Happy New Year’s. The neighbors didn’t shoot guns much, because the police were out in force due to the murder earlier (suspect was on the run). So…I have come to the understanding I am old. I was where I wanted to be and before I went to bed, I had a heart-to-heart with God and prayed like my life depended on it, which it did. Happy New Year’s!

New Year’s Day, I slept in and then watched hours upon hours of Law & Order: SVU. Yeah, I am dry. LOL!

I woke up January 2nd ready for a great day. When I went out to my car to warm it up, it did a clicka, clicka. (My sound effect is wonderful.) I knew it was my battery. I called my cousin and he got out of his bed and we jumped my car off and I went and got a battery all this took about 20 minutes. My normal way of dealing with setbacks is to cry or get really angry. I did neither. New Year, new ways.

My vision board...

I even did my vision board for 2013. I did it New Year’s Eve. And I spend time reviewing what my goals are for the year every day. 2013 means I will do better to be better and I mean it. Do you ever just wake up and realize how truly blessed you are? I had some things to come up during the holidays that pushed me into a dark place, but I was strong in my belief things will be better. I know this.

Speaking of things, please make it your business not to be a victim of Identity theft. It is the gift that keeps on giving. The thieves managed to take my credit scores down. Now I have one more thing to clean up from this mess, pure turmoil. Don’t be a victim to this if you can help it.

My sister enjoyed her cookies she didn’t know she was getting until they arrived. I had been bitching about the cost of mailing some to my brother that she was totally thrown off by the fact, even when I asked if her box had arrived. When she was feeling better, because she was sick right before Christmas, she ran downstairs to grab up the box, because that is when she realized there had to be cookies in there. Bless her heart. However, you know who loved the Triple Ginger Cookies the most? Lala. My sister said she moaning after every bite in which she switched hands holding the cookie after every bite. Bless her heart. I am still waiting on their Christmas pictures.
Lala and her Triple Ginger Cookie...

Me and The Guy are still together, but he has been sick since right before Christmas. Like he had to have tests done and everything and he still has to have more tests done to figure what the hell is going on. Ya’ll pray for him because I am getting antsy. Geez!

Are people sick at your jobs? OMG! These folks are coming in here sick as dogs. I am around here washing my hand and standing in doorways because they really need to Lysol their offices. And the flu is epidemic now? Everyone should get a flu shot right? Well, I am allergic to eggs and I can’t get one, so what is a woman to do? Wash my hands, sanitize and stay the hell away from all these sick folks. I try not to ride the elevator with anyone. Seriously.

Scandal. That is all that needs to be said. OMG! Last night’s episode was amazing. I was screaming, rolling my neck, crying and jubilant. One should not have that many emotions happening in one episode of any show. Seriously, Shonda Rhimes, is a beast and her writers are amazing. However, I am going to need someone to tell me their secret into winding down in a reasonable amount of time so I can go to sleep. I do have to be at work the next day.

Why are there more reality shows coming on television? T. L. C should be ashamed of themselves. Best Funerals Ever, really? It is too much. I think the only reality show I watch is Catfish now. I can’t with the foolery. Except I will watch 1 minute or two of Honey Boo Boo. Don’t judge me!

Trinidad James. Jerome in the house…I keep saying that about that man and my goodness his mouth. He needs to put the mic down and get to a good dentist, stat!

Shawty Lo? No.

Deception…going to take me a few more episodes to see if I am going to like it and as long as they keep it on Monday there may be a problem. Because ya’ll know Dallas will be back on January 28th, so Deception may not see me anymore, because I love me some Dallas. RIP Larry Hagman.

I baked a pound cake recipe and review coming soon.
Coming up soon in Creative Cooking...

I am in a good place right now in my life and although this is only the beginning of the year, I know there are big things on the horizon for me if I just keep the faith. I am truly grateful. I may not have all I want; I do have all I need. How is the New Year treating you so far?

Christmas hair.  I think it is time to wash it now, any takers?  I didn't think so...

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