Thursday, September 25, 2008

Some things that had me pondering…

Recently a co-worker and I were on the elevator and she said my hair looks good and as she stuttered, “It looks more professional than other natural styles.” Hmm…I didn’t say thank you because I was looking at here with a bit of disbelief. Now, she is African-American and to make that statement, I was offended. There is nothing wrong or unprofessional about wearing ones own natural hair without the use of chemicals if one’s own hair is clean and not overly distractive. My aunt wears a twa and she loves the convenience of it. Prior to her and her twa she was wearing a perm, but with medical issues going to the hair dresser was a problem and the fact her hair was breaking off bad. I told my cousins, “Just let her wear it natural. The chemicals and being on dialysis is not helping her hair and they agreed.”

I just recently read the new posts of Blakofi and I personally appreciated the fact she gives you her hair journey with both the good and the bad. Folks need to see that as much as we love our hair, it is a process with ups and downs. Although everyone’s head is different, just focusing on the good is never helpful to folks, we learn from mistakes. So truth is optimum, but negativity can kick bricks.

One of my good friends was wearing her hair with a texturizer and it looked great. The texturizer really didn’t do much to her hair but make it even softer. Well she got tired of the do and decided to put a perm back into her hair. Mistake. First of all, her hair is incredibly soft and thin in different places on her head. Her sister hasn’t been able to maintain it for her because she just recently had a baby. So she has been perming her own hair. Mistake. She showed me where the hair had been breaking off. I told her perming her hair so soon after coloring is a bad idea. And do you know she is planning to perm her hair now? Mistake. However, you can’t tell grown folks anything. She wants to lock her hair, not sisterlocks, due to the costs, but she can’t because she works for the city and they cannot wear locks.

America’s healthcare is in need of an overhaul. On last Thursday, my aunt was feeling extremely tired and having a hard time breathing after dialysis. I felt she needed to go to the emergency room and my cousins and I went to the emergency room that is on the other side of time and is hardly ever crowded. And Thursday was no different we got there at 8:30 p.m. and it wasn’t until after 2:00 a.m. before they told us they needed to transport my aunt to another hospital with the cardiologist specialists. Mind you we never saw a doctor; we were seen by a Physician’s attendant. We constantly went to the desk and they would tell us lies, in my opinion. My point is that the healthcare professionals need to learn how to communicate with folks. By the time my aunt was told she had to be admitted she was back to her old self and she was tired, hell she had been up since 7 am and been on a dialysis machine for 4 hours. When you see healthcare workers laughing and joking with each other and folks are standing outside of the rooms trying to figure out if you even give a dayum, it is a problem. It appears as if you do not care. Luckily, my aunt’s condition wasn’t too serious and she was prescribed a new med to help with the erratic heartbeat and she was home doing her puzzles on Friday afternoon. Folks have got to do better.
My step-father is an alcoholic and he called to talk about him getting his life together. More like a pity party situation after a night of drinking. Anyway, too much drinking has affected his brain because he was telling me secrets that I already knew and he is the one who told me. Idiot. Of course, when he went to talking about my mama I cut that ish off quick. She ain’t her to defend herself.

My workers at my part-time job think I am playing with them, but I ain’t. Seriously, if I post a note telling you that all requests to be off must be posted by Tues of the week the new schedule is made I mean it. Folks got their feelings hurt this weekend because they had to cover they own dayum self and realize there is no one to cover their azzes. Humph! I will teach them to be responsible, proactive and recognize I ain’t playing with them.

My sister’s friend told her that the little girl the friend use to babysit was killed and raped by her stepdaughter. That right there took my breath away for a hot second then I was reminded I read this stuff almost every day on my job. I don’t know the particulars only that the stepfather tried to kill himself but ended up in hospital. The mother wasn’t around and the girl’s 4 year old sister found her. I pray for the family. On another note, people have got to be more careful about the people folks leave their children with. I cannot count the number of times I have had to read stories of sex offenders being stepfathers to boys and girls and how they will continue the cycle as long as there is someone who is vulnerable to their charms not realizing their children are about to become victims to these predators. I personally do not believe in leaving, especially girl children, at home with step-fathers or boyfriends. So until they can protect themselves we have to be protective of them.

And that my friends is thought processes on a rambling way…

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