Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Ramblings Post Thanksgiving

I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving and took some time to be thankful. I did as well. However the holiday didn't really start out great.


  • Um, I waited to the last minute to finish my cleaning. Hence, I was still cleaning up until Thanksgiving morning. Yep, I was mopping and waxing the kitchen and foyer area at 1 am. I ended up in bed by 2 am, but up again at 3:30 am to take my brined turkey breast out of the oven. (It should have been done by 2:30 am, but it wasn't. And when it was finally done, I was so tired I went to bed without covering it, sigh, I got back up and wrapped it up tightly.) I will do like I did last year and make sure all cleaning is done by the weekend so I can concentrate on cooking.
  • My cousin decided she was going to do the Thanksgiving meal this year with minimal help from me and her sister. Well her sister had the flu, so she was a wash anyway. I only made yeast rolls, cinnamon rolls and sweet potato souffl√©. Did I mention my cousin isn't the greatest cook and um, she doesn't know how to make enough food for folks? Geez, she ran out of dressing before everyone had eaten. She didn't season the turkey so it was bland, the ham was dried out and she forgot to put out the potato salad. I didn't gain one pound on Thanksgiving Day, because I only ate a few things and didn't go back for seconds. By the way, I had ham, turkey and sides at the house because there wasn't enough food to take any home. I don't know why she didn't have a menu, well she had one, but she didn't share it with the rest of us. She tried. My sister said she wouldn't be coming back for Thanksgiving if she was cooking again. Wow! I could go on, but I'll say it again at least she tried.
  • My brined turkey breast is juicy, flavorful and moist. Everyone should do this.
  • I had a minor breakdown on Thanksgiving morning. I was just so tired. I hadn't slept in days and my frustration was a category 10. Rolling out the dough helped.
  • I did Black Friday. These damn stores are opening earlier and earlier. My plan was to leave the house by 3:30 am and be ready for JCPenney which was to open at 4 am. My cousin's wife was up and at them and because she got lost looking for Old Navy she was calling me at 3:15 saying the store was opening at 3:30. Well, I still didn't leave until 3:30, but I was mad. The sales were a bit better than last year. The only downfall was Target. They have this really bright idea to have a single lane for customers to stand in to check out. Well, the line got so long and convoluted it was a mess. I was a cussing mess. I mean really, it would be easier if folks could just go to the registers, but no, you have to spend 20 mins looking for the end of the line and you have to go up and down damn aisles. It was a mess. Shoppers couldn't go down aisles because those of us in the checkout line were blocking them. In line for over an hour, needless to say our buggy got lighter as we waited and dropped stuff off all along the way. This reminds me I need to write a letter to them because this is the 2nd year they have pulled this mess and it logically makes no sense. I was home by 15 mins to 10 am and we stopped to have breakfast before our last stop the infamous Wal.mart. I did retighten some locks while waiting in line. What? I retighten when I get mad or upset.
  • I rested all weekend. No work for me.
  • My nieces put up my Christmas tree looks nice. Now I have to fill in the gaps.
  • I ordered my Wii. Let's not get into why it is sold out ever damn where all of a sudden.
  • My niece and I made vanilla cupcakes, tasted okay, but too sweet. Ick! Will not be making those again.
  • Will everyone stop talking about Tiger Woods! OMG! If he didn't cheat on his wife the media is on its way to making sure they destroy his marriage. I don't even like the guy for my own reasons, but he can play some golf.
  • Speaking of sports, Serena got a big azz fine for her outburst on the court with the line official. Wow! Makes me wonder.
  • Why did they have Rhi.anna's CD on sale for $.99 and it still didn't come in at number 1? Can she and C.hris Bro.wn sit down and shut up now, please?
  • The Soul Train Awards. Well, since it really isn't on television except with the way back in the day episodes, was it really necessary to revive it? The categories were wack. And how was it Sola.nge it the new artist category when she is on her 2nd or 3rd album?
  • Seriously, I would never think Tre.y Song.z invented sex. Never.
  • I was seriously upset with seeing Kc and Jojo. It is no longer funny. Why have them on shows knowing they are in the throes of drug addiction.
  • Chrisette sang that song.
  • Fantasia screamed Chaka's song and um, could Angie not hit the note and that is why she had Chaka do it? I was scared at first because sometimes Chaka can be off but she did that!
  • Ginuwine should not perform live. Lip-sync please. I am not offended by miming. I am offended by wrong notes and tones.
  • Oh well, I posted nothing for the month of November, but I am thankful for all the Lord had done for me and the blessings he has invoked on my behalf.

Pictures coming soon, not much to show, hair is boring as usual right now.


At 10:34 AM, Blogger Brown ButtahFly said...

Thanks for stopping by.

Your ramblings are always so funny.

Dont be so hard on your cousin, at least she tried. Hopefully you gave her a few pointers.

You will love your Wii once you get it, thats if you don't have one yet.

I'm still trying to figure out why Soul Train has an awards show and the show is non-existent now?

As far as Trey Songsz please lay off my boo, he might just surpise you, lol.

I didn't see the whole show yet so I must have missed KC and Jojo they are a mess, unfortunately. Did you see that video of when they did a concert and JJOjo passed out and KC kept performing for like one good minute like nothing ever happened? Just pitiful, I wish they would make good music again they were very talented.

Chrisette and Chaka did do the damn thing.

Sorry so long, I got caught up in the post.

Take Care, V

At 11:32 AM, Blogger Cashana said...

Buttahfly, I did see that video and I watched it several times trying to figure out why no one was doing anything while he laid on the floor. BTW, I love my Wii and my wii fitness is on the way. Yeah!


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