Saturday, July 24, 2010

Blogger on that...

I have been trying to post for weeks now and couldn't do jack! Until, I went to the help area and saw that several folks are dealing with the same problems. Geez, all because I wanted to use the updated editor so I could position my pictures where the hell I wanted them to.

Anyway, I have some updates and pictures to post and will try to in the next week. Anyone in Atlanta? I will be there next week July 29 - August 1st for the National Book Club Conference. I am sure I'll have something to say about that little adventure. This will be the next to last one I plan to attend, next year when several of the book club members attend with me, will be my last. Hell, most of my book club members are reading there books on Kin.dles. Author's can't sign those. Plus, I only want to meet Colin Channer and he is never on the list of authors even though I request him every year. You hear me Colin, I am dying for a new book and to meet you. (I may have to find the funds to make it to Calabash next year). I'll have a lot of down time since they have cut out of half the meals for the conference although the price for the conference hasn't gone down. So I'll either be napping or eating. Or, even reading.

The hotel he chose for this year has reviews that are iffy. Anyone who knows me, knows I am funny about where I lay my head. I am a hotel snob and I admit it. I like fluffy pillows and beds and updated furniture and fantastic shower heads since I am forced to shower. And this particular hotel has lousy reviews about the shabbiness of the bathrooms, lackluster room updates and the sound that permeates the walls making for a less than glorious sleep. Not to mention the high cost of parking and expensive azz Internet. I'll take pictures.

Oh well, didn't plan to talk or rather type this much. Dang gone blogger. Anyway look for updates this week. I have plenty of them.



At 3:12 PM, Blogger V @ Locks-N-Motion said...

You keep me laughing, keep the posts coming. Hope you enjoy the conference, I want to get back into reading, since I been out of school I feel like I'm losing my knowledege or maybe I feel like I'm not gaining anymore knowledge. But with 3 kids, hubby and work its hard to fit it in. I will make time one day... Anyhow hopefully you will get to meet Colin. Take Care


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