Thursday, July 29, 2010

Georgia On My Mind...

Well, I have safely made it to Atlanta even after I left a little later than I wanted to.

Why did the folks at Enter.prise try to rent me an HHR or VW Bug? I was like I am not driving a hearse type car or that bug which would make me conspicuous. No way, it is hard enough to drive in Georgia without a bullseye on me.

Why did I see one of my male cousins who was getting ready to head to New Orleans? I wanted to go...bad. But I know I'd probably return home with no real recollection of what the hell we had done for 3 days except leaving and coming back. One can only dream...

Georgia? Seriously, Georgia? I am going to need you to get that stretch of Interstate 85 finished now. That mess had me frustrated beyond control. Seriously, if there had been a ledge and I was standing near it, temptation would have had me step over it. Driving 50 MPH on the Interstate is like walking. And the drivers going around me, I don't care! I refuse on everything beautiful and glorious to even consider driving over the speed limit after my cousin was facing a $1400 ticket for speeding through the area, even though she was going with the flow of traffic. Fix that Shyte and soon!

Check in at this hotel was quick and easy. I originally registered for a double bed room and I asked at check in for a King room. The clerk said they didn't have any, but they had a queen room. I looked at her with the side-eye and asked where and she said the Radius tower. I said oh no. She was like have you stayed here before? Um, no but I heard the rooms were claustrophobic and I can't do small spaces. She laughed and stated they were based on the "European" model of rooms. Go somewhere with that. We are from the south and we believe in bigger is better. LOL!

I was scared to come to my room because of all the reviews. However, the room isn't so bad. I have a balcony I can walk out on. The room has been updated, somewhat. They started on the bathroom, but I think they decided to do a fcuk effort. The counter and sink area has the granite top, but the toilet and tub/shower? I'll just let you see the pictures.

More updates to come. The one good thing about the conference this year, was the Internet is free for all us attending the conference. Oh yeah!

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