Thursday, August 05, 2010

The Walter Mosley Author of Distinction Award Dinner

Okay, the Red Carpet portion of this event was to start at 8:15 pm, why did they start before that time and at 8:15 pm, we were walking in for dinner. Yeah, I missed the Red Carpet which is great for picture taking, but I wasn't late, just not early enough. LOL!

Let me say this, Curtis really tries to make everything wonderful for us, but for some reason he always falls short with the meals. Geez, let a woman do it next time, please. I knew there was going to be a problem when the waitress looked perplexed when my dinner companions wanted their bread. Well the bread was corn bread. Even though I am from the south, I do not eat corn bread and when I saw that I was like, "Please, don't tell me we are having collard greens and fried chicken." Thank goodness there was no collard greens, but there sure was fried chicken. I haven't eaten fried chicken in months and wasn't sure I needed to eat any now. Not my favorite by any means. We had fried chicken, mash potatoes and green beans and for dessert some damn peach pie. By the way, I went to Hoot.ers for crab legs later that evening. I was not going to bed hungry. Seriously, why that menu? Ugh, but I suffered along with my dining companions during the meal and talked with Moses Miller about his books and being an author in this market.

The Award of Distinction went to Victoria Rowell, Drucilla of Young & the Restless. She gave a nice speech and a wonderful rap at the end, which you can see on her website. During this dinner, book clubs are honored for community service and their dedication to their group. Curtis' daughter performed for us prior to dinner her own compilations. She has a brilliant career ahead of her. Once the awards were done and Curtis was able to cry, as usual the event for me was over. I rarely stay long enough to participate in the Sunday events, because I contract this thing my family calls Johnitis after my late uncle. When we ready to go, we ready to go. After meeting one of my fellow reviewers from TRR, I headed back to my room to change and hit the streets, because my stomach was talking. Loud.

Next, what I took from the event.



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