Friday, July 30, 2010

National Book Club Conference - Day 1

When I arrived yesterday, I was sure to register early so I could kinda sleep in. So around and down two escalators I stood in line and of course, bless Curtis Bunn's heart, because I had registered early, my name wasn't on the list or rather wasn't were it needed to be. However, if anyone knows my history with Curtis, they know he and I have had a run in before, but we have mutual respect for each other. I didn't even get distressed. His words to me were, "Cashana, you always come alone." I told him my members were going to surprise him next year. LOL!

The conference started early. We had breakfast at 8:30 am. So after I scoured the coffee shop for my usual cafe mocha and went to the ballroom to begin my day. It was quite nice to meet some new people as well as old. Marc Lacy, author and poet from Huntsville, AL of course put me on the spot about doing another author event in Montgomery. I smiled each and every time he tried to corner me into doing it again. He said he would even return to the place he got lost trying to find. I couldn't break his heart at the table, but it will take a whole lot of changes and a calmness in my life in order for me to even consider doing another event. I can't.

During breakfast there was a tribute to E. Lynn Harris with his personal assistant, his aunt and one of his mentees. Very nice and touching. Karen Hunter of Karen Hunter Publishing sponsored the breakfast and talked about E. Lynn and Bebe Campbell Moore. The breakfast honors Moore with an award to a novelists and this year's honoree was none other than Pearl Cleage. I love this woman for so many reasons. She is just honest, eloquent and she always gives these wonderful speeches that make the hair on your arms stand up and a small tear to form. She talked about her friendship with Moore and their last meeting and the last message she left on her answering machine prior to her death. "Thank you for honoring me, by honoring her." Beautiful.

At the Terrie Williams Inspiration Award presentation, they honored the inspiring and reclusive Ntozake Shange of the fame play, "for colored girls who have considered suicide/when the rainbow is enuf". Ms. Shange came in with this draping dress, with the entire back out, which showcased the most beautiful back art/tattoo I have ever seen. She also came in with a cane and slurred speech. You see, Ms. Shange has suffered several strokes which initially kept her from walking and talking, but to see her standing before us and thanking us for loving and reading black books I just was full. She epitomizes so much and she was my defining moment so far of the conference. When asked about how she felt when Tyler Perry called her about making "for colored girls who have considered suicide/when the rainbow is enuf", she said, "I told him Mother Dear will not be in it." Enough said! Woot, Woot!
I went to a session or two and went to the bookstore. Didn't buy anything, but will tomorrow. Today I just wanted to take it easy. And you know my ass took a nap. LOL! I also walked/jogged 2.65 miles so I did get my exercise on. Now I am going to take a shower and read until I fall asleep. Nice.



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