Sunday, June 24, 2012

June Challenge - Day 24

Day 24 – Food (likes, dislikes)

Should I start with the dislikes or likes? The list on both sides can be extensive. LOL!

You will not see me eating but four kinds of cheese (mozzarella, American, parmesan and sometimes mild cheddar). The smell of cheese will make me hurl. Really.

My mama must have craved cashews when she was pregnant with me because even when I was little I could not stand the smell of those nuts. I remember we went to pick my mother up from her job at K-Mart, and back then they use to roast nuts and of course they were roasting those damn cashews and a few whiffs of them and I threw up all over K-Mart’s nicely waxed floor. I get nauseous looking at pictures of cashews. I know that is quite unusual, but I blame my mother because this is unexplainable.

I am one black person who does not eat collard greens, cornbread or dressing. Just don’t like them. I used trade my sister my cornbread for her meat when we were younger. I do not eat Mexican because most of it has cheese in it. I don’t eat most Italian because it has cheese in it. I don’t eat okra so if you use it in your gumbo, I ain’t eating it. I can’t stand cantaloupe or honeydew melons. But will eat the hell out of watermelons.

I eat most vegetables and love Turnip greens (yeah, doesn’t make sense) and cabbage. I love a good steak every now and again. Sometimes I will crave a good old fashion piece of fried chicken, but I try not to indulge in fried foods often. Moderation. I love cream of wheat and oatmeal. Go figure. I like my fiber, man. Favorite dessert and I know is my Achilles heel, ice cream. Lawd, I can gain 10 pounds just thinking about it. I like chocolate, but I do not love chocolate. I love peanut butter, though. I was jealous my cousin cooked dinner the other night and she had…wait for it…a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on fresh soft bread. I can you hear me moaning the goodness of that combination.

And I know some of you all are going to judge me about these next few things. Don’t hold it against me, ok? I love chitterlings, pig feet and pig ears. I haven’t had any in over a decade, but my goodness that right there is some good soul food. Got my mouth watering right now. :::wonderingifBrendasisopenforafreshhotpigearsandwich:::

Stop judging me. I can’t help how my taste buds work!

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