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I am so glad Scandal returns this week. These last few weeks without it have been so hard. I never thought I would be so wrapped up in a show, which most of America watches, like I am about Scandal.

Thursday’s are planned out. I must get home from work on time not late. I must get my things ready for the next day upon my arrival home. I must work out for 20 minutes before I eat dinner and then take a soothing and calming bath. And then I prepare to watch an hour of fast-talking drama and mouth dropping antics. I know my blood pressure rises. I know it takes at least 1.5 hours for my heartbeat to return to normal and my body relaxed enough for sleep to grab hold of me so I can get to work on Friday. The frenzy of Thursday night is real. And complicated.

I love Olivia Pope. I love how she “fixes” problems of the rich, political and famous. I love the visual of the clothing, housing and DC. I was enamored with the episode where we saw her take to her bed after being hurt by President Ghost (alla Awesomely Luvvie). I have done that before where you are so hurt and depressed over a relationship you must take to your bed. To hell with baths, eating and brushing your teeth. When it hurts, it hurts to your core and it takes a minute for you to snap the hell out of it, but not before you commune with the bed.
Shouldn't Harrison have a love interest?

I love the Gladiators in suits. They are flawed, strong, weaken but most of all they believe in the job they do and are truly committed and loyal to Olivia. They love what she stands for and nothing makes me smile harder than when Harrison puts extra bass in his voice. Seriously, that is some tingling right there. Shonda, can he get a love interest? I am available. Just kidding…kinda. I am scared of Huck one week and love him the next this pendulum is weird, but I can’t help it. Ever since he said he could skin a man, I just feel a bit creepy about him, but when he hopped in the bed with Olivia I realize he isn’t all bad, but he can skin a human being…

I love the diverse characters with their extreme issues. Sometimes the issues aren’t extreme but amplified because this is DC. Seriously, they stole the election ya’ll!

However, the show is complicated. As much as I believe Olivia and President Ghost loved each other at the beginning, now I feel some kinda way about things right now. The interracial part didn’t bother me a bit; in fact it was a welcome sight to see on television. The characters seem to really love each other and the love is mutually reciprocated. Yet…it is so wrong, so very wrong. One minute you are cheering them on and saying screw the First Lady, then you are like did he just do her in the closet? Something about that particular scene cheapened the relationship for me.

I am going to be honest with you as much as I loved the romance of Olivia and President Ghost and as much as I knew it was wrong it didn’t seem wrong until…he killed the Supreme Court Justice. Seriously, when I realized President Ghost was acting like the guy from Ghost or Goren’s brother from L&O: Criminal Intent I have been watching him with a side-eye. Me and my sister both said we don’t like him now and we need Shonda to make the killing of the Justice a dream or hell a nightmare because anything President Ghost does from this moment on is suspect. Seriously. Sighing…and I really love the love part of Scandal. Oh well, if Harrison could get some…all will be alright.

In my house, The Guy doesn’t call, text or anything during this time. My family knows I will cut you off and say, “I am watching Scandal.” Click. At 9 pm on Thursday night I am watching the last few seconds or so of Grey’s and waiting to watch Olivia in action. Scandal is scandalous but it gives me one of the few hours of actual television I enjoy every week. By the way I really need the really long stem glasses for my glass collection. Please and Thank you!

So who is watching Thursday?

*Awesomely Luvvie does a weekly recap after she wall slides on Scandal, so check it out because it is insightful and funny. 

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