Friday, October 19, 2007

I'm Still Here...

Okay, as much as I want to keep my blog updated regularly, sometimes it is not possible because my life can get mad busy. So let me catch you up, and um, it may be a tad bit long...

My Birthday

Thank you all for the birthday wishes. I read them and didn't get a chance to respond to them all. My birthday was quiet and I got a chance to rest, which for me is a luxury to just get some sleep. I got some nice gifts and one of them was a dress with a bracelet and earrings my cousin got me. I was shocked they were able to get the right size and the dress really represent me. They know me, they really know me...

Why am I so busy?

My book club is in the midst of planning a literary event here in Montgomery. We did a similar event in 2004 and it was wonderful success. This time it is a bit bigger and it is taking a bit more coordination to get everything going. Most everything is done except one thing, a book vendor. Our previous book vendor has a prior engagement and cannot accommodate us and after a very exhausted search, I realized there is only one independent African-American book store in Alabama. It is sad that it has come to this, but unfortunately the independent cannot compete with the larger bookstores or the internet. So it saddens me. However, we even had an author try a couple of bookstores in the Atlanta area and what we found was they would not call even her back, much less me. So that also sadden me, because it is so unprofessional. The larger bookstores are no better. Although most of my author's at this event will be selling their own books, it really would be nice to have a vendor on site to induce folks to purchase and read, which is our mission with this event. However, we finally have a book vendor so that is one less thing to worry about. Now if I can make it through tomorrow's fish fry fundraiser. Yes, ladies we will sale you a fish sandwich, chicken wings or shrimp for a nice price in order to make this event a success. To see what is happening with this event check out my book club site at

What else is keeping me busy?

Well, I have been training a new manager at my second job. Things seem to be going well until she told me she likes to gamble. I don't know about you, but that sends off a red flag of dynamic dimensions. There were a couple of other little red flags, but they seem minor like saying she would come in and work on an off day and not do so. First let me say, the lady was really nice and had an application filled with management experience and when I interviewed her I didn't get any bad thoughts or vibes. Well, she said something to me during her training and it set off red flags and smokes and alarms. So knowing what is public information and what is not, I had the owner do a background check...2 felonies and one included the non-deposit of money. So I'll be busy until we can find another assistant manager.

My aunt had a little scare this week with her esophagus, but God was there and they were able to ease the situation. She was so calm during this episode and it was funny when I called her at the hospital the night she was admitted and she said, "I'm going home with John. Just kidding!" She went home two days later in wonder spirits.


Well, my hair is doing what it does. Which right now is nothing. It is growing with a few locks starting to look like locks in the back. My next retightening is Nov. 8th two days before my event. Which is cool because my hair will be fresh, but um, my consultant is going to be busy that day with my head for longer than the 3 hours, because we are 6 weeks out with this retightening. My head is already think in the back, so it is going to be a mess to retighten. I am going to tell her I'm ready to take the retightening class too, because I am just ready. I need to feel like my hair is doing something, because right now it ain't locking, just growing. I figure if I can do it my self I can appreciate what is truly happening with my hair. Yep. My book club members at the last meeting were so excited about how my hair has changed and they are loving the way it is looking. So I guess it is doing something. I really need to blog about patience, seriously.


Well, haven't lost any more weight, which means I got to exercise more than once a week. I am just too tired and working too much, but hopefully before the holidays happen I can get back on track. I got a family trip to get fine for. My folks and I are going on a Bahamas cruise, so that should be interesting if we do not drive each other crazy on the boat. When we all get together we take over.

Final thoughts...

Although I haven't been posting, I have been reading every one's progress and I am so grateful to be part of such a wonderful blogging community. Oh yeah, 2 of my book club members are going natural and they are in the middle of their transitioning from perm to natural. Yeah! We taking over...!

Have a great weekend! I got to continue planning for this event!

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At 6:58 PM, Blogger Ms Stella said...

Hi Cashana, glad to hear you're doing well. You do lead a busy life and now you want to become a retightenting DIY'er. Have mercy!

At 12:02 PM, Blogger Cashana said...

I know right? But I always knew I wanted to take care of my own hair. When I wore a perm, I only went to hairstylist for color and cuts. I permed my own hair and he was like I did better than him. I am just ready to do it myself, because I am kinda scared to do it, but the way I get over anxiety is to just do. I am hoping things slow down after our book club event or at least back to my normal busy ways.


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