Friday, August 13, 2010

I have been busy Ramblings

This last month has been a busy one for me. You know I went to Atlanta for a book club conference, but I have been going like the energizer bunny for a minute now so let me ramble along with some thoughts and the goings on with me. Get you a cup of coffee and let’s get to it!

• Ever have a toothache that only hurts at 10:30 at night? That was me. You can shoot me in the leg, pinch or stick your finger in my eye and I could stand the pain, but a toothache? Oh no, I cannot on any level take that pain. I can’t tell you how many nights that sucker reduced me to tears and strong pain medicine. Thing was, it didn’t hurt during the daytime unless it encountered cold air. After 2 weeks, enough was enough and I called my former dentist office (my dentist retired) for some relief. And $700 poorer, I got a root canal and a crown. Thank you very much. The root canal was easy, compared to suffering with that toothache.

• If you have high blood pressure, what do you take? You see when my pressure started to elevate about 10 years ago, I was put on a diuretic and that worked until I started packing on the pounds. Well in October, which was before I started my weight loss regiment, I was put on a med that by February had me ready to kill somebody because my hair started thinning and locks started dropping. So they changed the med to This worked a bit, but not as good as the previous med, but I developed this cough, which I attributed to allergies. However, with the cough came gagging and I’ll spare you further details. So I had to change. We went to Dio.van low dosage. First 2 weeks, no real problem except it wasn’t taking my numbers down. So they upped the dosage with a diuretic. I promise you in 5 days I thought I was having a heart attack. Shortness of breath, extreme muscle fatigue, inability to work out to my normal routine, racing heart and fatigue. So I took myself off that and went back to a smaller dosage of the med from October. When I went in for follow-up, my pressure was down to normal, but of course I can’t take the med because I am technically allergic to it. So this places me with the fact there are only 5 classes of bp meds and I have significant problems with 3 of the classes. So they started me on Tek.turna and I started while in Atlanta. Well on the 5th day, I noticed a shortness of breath, but I attributed it to me making myself sick. I will do that subconsciously when I know side-effects of things. Well on the next day the shortness of breath was back and didn’t really dissipate the entire day and while at my second job, my heart started to hurt. So you know I took myself off of that med. So we will see what happens next. Here’s my thing, why do doctors prescribe drugs that haven’t been on the market long enough to really categorize their side effects? So not only am I wary of another med, but I am scared that the usage of the drugs that have made me sick will have a longer effect on me in the long run, even though I didn’t take any of them very long. Like I told the nurse, I will not continue to take something which makes me feel worse than before.  (Just found out I am officially allergic to all BP meds.)

• My aunt was in the hospital for two nights and I stayed with her one night. Imagine my surprise to see that there was already a resident in the room. Yep, a spider. You can kinda make out his form from the picture. He had been there a while and you know I told the nurse they need to handle that real quick. Ugh!

• I like when I have curls in my hair, but with this heat and my workouts that ain’t really working out too well.

• Have you ever had a muscle spasm in your calf? Unbelievably painful. Imagine standing up and hearing a pop from that muscle, yep pulled that muscle and it hurt, bad. However, I took some meds and put some of that turn hot cream on it and soaked in Epsom salt and almost back to new in less than a week.

• Sears is the devil. Our air conditioner is still not fixed yet. Will they really come on August 11th and fix it finally just in time for fall? (They didn't!)

• On my second job, I hired a young lady as a cashier. She came with impeccable references and seemed eager to work. Yet she turned into Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde within a week of employment. She came in smiling, but was frowning after such a short while. I just started observing her. She didn’t seem to get along with the other workers and she had one of those attitudes I so detest. Things started to go left when I had a customer at the counter, my other cashier was handling our drive thru window and my cook was bagging orders and her azz when sitting at both with her feet propped up, eating her catfish and talking on her cell phone. Oh hell no! I made her get up, get off her phone and handle customers. Oh she gave me some song and dance about her mother had been sick and she was checking on her. I didn’t care, because I have written folks up for cell phones many times before and let’s just say that is quick way out the door. Then on another day with another manager she cussed in front of a customer. So that Saturday we had a meeting with her and she said she understood she needed to be more positive and such. Well that night she tried to steal food, which pissed me off. Are you serious? The next the manager who has issues, I wrote about her before on here, told me she was scared to tell her to get off the clock. Now that is a problem because lil’ bit ain’t scared of nobody seeing she has written up damn near all the employees. So I decided to see if her disposition had improved so I watched and shadowed her most of the night, um I had to tell her to do things, but I had already concluded she was just plain lazy. Her attitude was funky. When the owner’s wife asked what was wrong with her and why was she just standing and not helping closed all I could do was shrug my shoulders. At that point, I decided to think about the situation and come up with a solution. I mean she hadn’t been there a month yet. So on the next day I worked, I had planned to tell the managers that I had cut her down to 3 days and to not let her work anyone else’s shift and when I return from Atlanta, I would fire her. Well, they met me at the door and asked me to do some investigating because something about her was fishy. And, we had three customers call or come in and say their credit card numbers had been stolen and one of the last places they used it was at our store. OMG! One guy said that he had to ask for his credit card back because the cashier, the young one with the glasses, had kept it too long. Lil bit, said she saw her with a credit card on the drive thru and she had her cell phone out but she didn’t think nothing of it. She told her to hurry up and give the customer back their credit card. Our machines do not show on any printed slip the credit card number or the customer’s name. So cell phone + credit card = thief. I decided to let her go before my mini vacation. I called her to come in the night I worked but she had no transportation, so we set an appointment for the following afternoon. You know she didn’t show up, but I did a memo and outlined why she was being let go. When she went in to pick up her check, she was given the memo to read. I understand she got mad and stormed out, well before the detective she had taken his credit card number could get to the story to take her down for questioning. Then this child posted this mess: "TELL DEM FUCK DEM ALL DA MANAGERS CAN KISS MI ASS ESPECIALLY MRS SEAL ADN NATASSI DOWSWELL HOW EVA U SPELL IT WIT THEY LYIN ASS I DN'T GIVE A FUCK BUT IT GONNA BE PAYBACK"

She forgot I work for a law enforcement agency in the Legal Unit and some of my good friends are police officers, troopers and sheriff’s deputies. I am waiting for her pending arrest because it was 6 credit cards totally well over $1200. Lesson: Be real careful using your credit/debit cards and always get your card back immediately.

• You tired of reading yet?

• Men love your daughters. That means be there for them and insure they know you love them because otherwise they will end up like Fishb.urne aka Chippy D. Yeah, seriously men do that for me.

• When I saw the pictures of Latifah and Jeannette, I sent it to my sister and told her I was feeling some kinda way about it. I knew, but didn’t know, but now I know. She wasn’t careful about the PDA or she didn’t realize the paparazzi cared.

• Why is Fantasia’s name all up in someone’s divorce complaint? Seriously. The wife is coming at Fantasia, but more like trying to get attention or dare I say money? Damn, right after I write this Tasia done tried to hurt herself. Dear Sista, it ain’t worth it.

• Sometimes when people are saying something stupid to me I look at them with concern in my eyes.

• I realize stupid is what stupid does.

• I wish folks would understand that Maia’s problems with drugs stem from her mental illness because in order to quiet the mental illness she self-medicates by using drugs. I hate they have posted the videos and mug shots because this young lady is really ill. With her mom gone, I am sure her support system isn’t as strong as it was.

• Go flight attendant. Seriously, I don’t fly a lot, but when I do there are moments I truly feel sorry for the Flight Attendants because my fellow human beings act like animals or idiots.

• Happy Birthday to my cousin, Kay. She turned 50 on August 13th.

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At 5:22 PM, Blogger blackrussian said...

Sore muscle advice: Have you ever tried Batherapy? I buy the powdered packets at the beauty supply store. For me it works wonders - better than epsom salts.

If I've had a really tough workout, I just don't even wait for the pain to set in - I soak in it right away as soon as I get home and usually wake up pain-free.

Works on random cramps, pulls, kinks and other sore muscles too!

At 7:25 PM, Blogger Cashana said...

I will be checking that out, because walking around with Absorbine patches is not the business. LOL!


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