Monday, April 11, 2011

Does going outside really make you sick?

Anyone who knows me, understands that me and outside are not close.  I go outside to water my plants in their containers and to get from my car into the house.  I have said on many occasions being outside is an inconvience of getting in and out of the house.  My yard guy told me recently I didn't comment on how the grass looked the other week.  I was like I saw it it looked good, but really as long as the grass isn't too high and I am getting citation and there are no snacks hiding in the grass, I am happy because I don't sit outside admiring the grass.  I don't go outside for that matter.  I don't know when my perversion to the outside started, but it is a rarity to see me sitting outside.  I just don't like to and plus I don't live in Kansas.

I rarely go to BBQ's because folks want you to eat outside in the elements.  I don't like air touching my food.  What?  Sometimes the outside will smell some kinda way and frankly I am not eating that smell.  Don't get me wrong I have eaten outside, but I really don't like to and at this age I don't even act like I am going to eat food outside.  I rather go hungry. 

You know the dilemma about the "Family Vacation".  Not one piece of sand will touch me and my outdoor outings will be limited to the late evenings when it is cooler and I don't have to worry about the inevitable tan I will obtain. 

So I have issues with the outside, but undoubtedly not as bad as my sister's.  This weekend her oldest daughter was away at a leadership event and she and her youngest, Hunny Bunny, were to have some bonding time.  So Tiffany decided to take her child to the park.  Let me preface this by saying if it wasn't for their grandma, neither of my nieces would know what the outside is like.  Hunny Bunny likes being outside based on the her losing her mind when she does have the freedom.  Unfortunately, her mother doesn't do outside like her sister.  However, Tiffany has taken it to the next level.

So on Saturday she decided to take Hunny Bunny to the neighborhood park.  When she told me I was like, really?  Wow!  Unbelievable.  I really was shocked until she told me they only stayed about 20 minutes.  What the hell?  20 minutes!!!  Are you serious?  Really?  She then preceeds to tell me there wasn't much to do at the park and folks need to stop allowing their kids to go to the park alone because they are so bad.  But 20 minutes?  Then, oh it gets better, she says she got phyically sick and just couldn't be outside any longer.  Really?  You got sick?  Side-eye that.

My poor niece was probably having the time of her life, but her mama decides she is sick, physically ill being outside for 20 minutes.  Wow! 

She dared me to not post this on my blog.  You know I had to post.  I mean I just don't like to be outside, but she actually gets "sick".  Yeah, right. 

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