Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Final Tales from My Left Eye...

The excitement of being home and in my own bed.

Recuperation requires that you rest, relax and not exert yourself. And in the beginning you don’t want to do that much anyway, you hurt. I will say the first two days after surgery I slept mostly, because those were the doctor’s orders, but by Sunday I wanted to at least see the television better so I could enjoy a Law & Order episode or LMN movie. But I layed down on my left side like I was supposed to do. I got up only for eye drops, bathroom and to eat. My phone was right by me, because one cannot live without their cell phone. Or at least we act like it.

I also realized people didn’t know exactly what the hell I did to my eye. I would use the visual of my fist and my hand covering the back of it and what the retinal detachment meant. I had to explained over and over I didn’t know how this happened, but it can happen quickly and it has to be dealt with quickly or one may lose sight or vision in that eye. When I would tell them the day before my surgery I was told not to turn my head too fast or sneeze they seemed to be in awe. Yeah, it was serious.

I hate not being able to work out. This is killing me. My fear of gaining weight back ain’t no joke. And when you are doing nothing you eat. Boredom. So I have to stock my house with fruits and veggies. But I sure do crave some ice cream. I am hoping for light working out release this week. Keep your fingers crossed.

The pictures of my eye if seen chronologically, one can see the noticeable changes in the swelling. The first couple of days were a bit devastating to view according to my sister and one of my cousins. But I kept sending them pictures showing the progress, so they are feeling better.

Before surgery they told me the side effects included the possibility of an eye infection that would cause me to lose my eye, not reattaching and my vision never being as it was. I think my cousin was worried about the infection part. Anyone who knows me understands I do not play about my eyes. I use to get cysts on my eyes when I was a teenager, most folks call them stighs. When I learned what causes them and after I had 4 removed, I learned to wash my face properly and always wash my hands before dealing with my eyes. So I wasn’t going to do anything to hurt the eye further. When I put my drops in one morning she saw me cleaning the eye before the drops she was scared. I was like my eyes leaks okay it drains and it is normal but I have to clean it in order to put in the drops. She got the message. LOL! The drainage the first few days was amazing. I’d lie down and feel something wet on my face, it was a lot, but it eventually slowed down. Thankfully!
I was told that I will be extremely nearsighted in the eye, which I am. I can see things very clearly up close. My vision far off, not so good, still fuzzy but improving every day. I will also develop a cataract in this eye in about a year to 18 months, which is easily rectified and my vision will be better than it was before the surgery. I can’t lie on my back until further notice because of the cataract situation. I don’t sleep on my back anyway. Um, may curb other activities which require me to lie on my back, but I am sure I can adjust. LOL!

My stamina has taken a hit because the woman who has worked two jobs for over 18 years gets tired quick. I made jambalaya on Sunday, washed two small loads of clothes, changed linens on two beds and clean out the fridge was in tears because I was so tired. I had to take a short nap. Hopefully, as I return to work full-time, my stamina will build.

I know when I have been on the computer or reading too long. I get a headache over my left eye and I shut it down. I am being more cautious of my computer time though. Yes, I drive, but I couldn’t with the gas bubble and I had to wear a green band until it disappeared. If I had been in an accident and folks didn’t know I could lost the vision in the eye due to the bubble. Yeah. I wasn’t in a car as a passenger except for appointments. Also, you can legally drive with one eye. Really.
My Green band. 

I can’t wash my hair yet, because I cannot get any chemicals in this eye. I ain’t mad either. My hair looks great though. Plus, I washed it the week before the surgery. And I retightened it the Thursday I was back in my house and finished it that Saturday, I think. Hell I took my time doing my hair. I also protect my eye by sleeping in a shield every night until the doctor says it is okay not to. I am ready to get rid of the thing because the glue from the tape ain’t easy to get off my face. LOL!
The infamous shield, not patch.

The recovery is on pace. I have Faith things would work out and I refused to worry or get all up in arms about the surgery or post op. What good would it do? I am hoping to be back in my contacts in a couple weeks too. Glasses are okay but I prefer my contacts. Even if I have to take them out every day that is fine with me because at least I can see.

Take care of your eyes and when something doesn’t seem right go to your doctor.

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