Friday, February 03, 2012


Well it is February and I am still trying to figure out where the hell January went.

The temperatures are unseasonably warm. We are going to hell aren’t we?

I am in love with Pinterest, but I do not like my information being posted on FB. I am not a narcissist and I do not want or need for folks to know my every move. Really, I don’t.

On the 2nd job I must hire one person every week for the next 6 weeks. How about the owner didn’t remember telling me this last week. Really? No pressure. Problem is the applications don’t look like much of anything. I really want folks to tell them to not waste our paper. But, we can’t.

RIP Don Cornelius. Soul Train line anyone?

RIP Etta James. At last…♫

Did you see and hear President Obama singing Let’s Stay Together?…Um, Al Green has been in my life a long time and most of his songs have a perplexing hold on me. Blame my mama for playing that 8 track to death. Yes, I said 8 track.

Firing someone is never fun or comfortable. I do not take pleasure in doing so.

We finally have a cupcake shop here. Actually, we have two, but I only patronize one. Cupcakes by Tish. OMG! Her cupcakes are amazing. I need to post my picture and reviews of all the cupcakes I have tried. Don’t worry, I eat only half. But they are really worth it. The other cupcake place is a chain and for me a place where I know they are making the cupcakes every morning fresh and the recipes are her own and she is a sista to boot, makes me want to spend my money there.
Chocolate Pomegranate...Um, um

I just finished reading our book club book for February. Just Wanna Testify by Pearl Cleage. Why am I still scratching my head?

Speaking of head, the reason I am scratching it is because I really need to wash it. Someone shame me into washing my hair immediately. In fact, just come help me wash it.

Ridickulous of RHOA will be here tonight for a show. I asked my sister should I try to go and her azz, was like, “Hell, yeah!” Um, that is a negative I am over strippers and I am really not into seeing a dude do himself. Just nasty. Ugh!

Hunny Bunny is having her tonsils and adenoids removed next week. Ya’ll pray for her. And pray for her mama who seems to think 2 weeks is entirely too long for her to be out of school. Yeah, pray for her mama. She is still trying to figure out why if this is outpatient surgery why does she have such a long recuperation time. I tried to explain most surgeries are outpatient now and really hospitals generate more germs. Your home is cleaner.

The baby, Lala has her own personality. Really she does.
This is a leave me alone pose.

Um, who is in the Superbowl? Just kidding I know.

Eddie Long, King? Really. Something is really wrong with the whole premise.

The title comes from the mouth of Romney. These Republican candidates say the darnedest things.

I plan to have a peaceful, although I am working weekend. No cooking. Washing my hair. And rest. Enjoy your weekend!

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