Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June Challenge - Day 26

Day 26 – Sports

Right now we are in the middle of the NBA finals and probably by the time this is posted (yes I write in advance), it will be over. (And Lebron got his ring!) I used to love watching basketball. I would be on cruises and be in the bars watching the division tournaments. I don’t care for college b-ball, but I was a fan of the Chicago Bulls when Jordan was playing and the Lakers. Right now I am favoring the Heat so Lebron can get his ring. Call it what you will, but I bet you that Karl Malone wishes he got one before he retired.

My first sports love was football when I was younger. Man, I was a Dallas Cowboy fan through and through. I represented for Dallas like I was from Texas. I also loved the San Francisco 49ers, LA Raiders previously Oakland, Chicago Bears, Washington Redskins and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Sunday and Superbowl were important, back then. Now, I could care less. That is really bad because folks don’t realize how much of the game I know and understand until I actually sit and watch one because The Guy is over or family has dominated the televisions. I know football. Only football I may watch is Alabama vs. Auburn and our house is divided as far as family is concern. War Eagle, baby! LOL!

When I was younger I was a real tennis fan. I remember when Yannick Noah won the French Open so cool. Now, even if Serena or Venus is playing I ain’t watching.

Me playing sports, not going to happen. I use to hit the tennis ball against the garage door, does that count? I played kick ball, volleyball and badminton during gym at school. I tried out for the track team in the 8th grade, didn’t make it. I was pretty fast, but undoubtedly not fast enough. I just was never really interested in playing sports competitively. Now, unless we are playing on the Wii, which is pretty much all the sports play I am doing.

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