Sunday, May 13, 2012

Randoms…Too Many posts this week …Happy Mother’s Day!

I must have had a lot to say this week because I have posted multiple times. I even posted on my anonymous blog. Geez, I need to get out more.

My garden. Is out of control. I screwed up. I did. My raised garden wasn’t big enough for all I have planted and hell I planted stuff too close together. Hey, it is a learning experience.
See my lettuce and spinach.  And yes, the cucumber plant is giving my lettuce too much shade.  Ugh!

Speaking of the garden. I had my first salad with my lettuce and spinach. The leaves were so tender and flavorful. The Guy asked for more salad. Who does that? Um, I couldn’t accommodate because I only made enough salad for each person. I will know next time.
In more gardening news. I have blooms! Yes!!!!
 I have another worker issue at my second job. To remedy it the situation, I have scheduled her during my shifts. Let’s see how that works. My sister calls this the tolling time, the beginning of the end. SMH!

I have been working on my Abs this week during my workouts. Have any of you done any planking? That mess hurts. That is all.

I am in my office freezing. Seriously, I can go outside and it is 99 degrees and I will be fine for at least an hour due to the temps they keep these offices.

Our copier in our office has folks using such foul language, really foul language and they are really loud with their disgust.

I have also been nesting or cleaning out 20 or 30 odd years of stuff.  See...

 I do not like talking on the phone. Usually 5 minutes in unless you are my sister, is
doing too much. Some folks are not mindful of your time and think you can talk to them all willy nilly. My best friend in Colorado called my cell phone after midnight last night. No I didn’t answer the phone. I looked at the phone and shook my head and turned right back over and went back to sleep. I sometimes don’t think she understands talking to her requires you allot time in your schedule to do nothing for a minimum of 2 hours as she talks. Calling when I am at work means I am not calling you back while I am at work. Calling when I get off work means I will have no down time when I get home, so no return call. Calling me in the middle of the night is CRAZY! Unless someone is dying, please do not call me after midnight. I am not talking to anyone at that time. Yes she has left several messages to call her back, but she doesn’t want anything. And if something was wrong with me, someone would let her know. Every since my Aunt died she seems to think I need attention. I don’t. And I don’t have two hours to be on the phone right now.

The cover of Tim.e magazine is a bit disturbing. I am sorry the little boy looks like he is 5 years old. The magazine did it on purpose to get folks to talking. Since I don’t have children and will not have any children, this is not my concern. Frankly, do what you want it is your child. I can tell you that we once had a book club member who had a toddler still breastfeeding and when she got pregnant members told her she needed to wean him before the next baby was born. Well, she didn’t and when the baby came he didn’t breastfeed for long, the toddler did until she had no choice but to stop. The baby was no longer breastfeeding and the toddler was still grabbing for the breast. As the baby got older, he was more independent than the older sibling and if you didn’t know any better you would think the baby was the oldest. Interesting.

I do not have a problem with President Obama’s stance on gay marriage. I am a Christian as well. And for the most part I am not ignorant and some of the criticism I am seeing from the so called Christians borders on ignorance. When you know someone who is struggling with their sexuality and their fears stem from what has been said in the Church or a parent make the statement I am worried my child will go to hell because they are gay, you will not understand. Judgment is not ours. That is all!  I understand some of the Black churches have come out today against President Obama.

I was told Happy Mother’s day on Thursday. I said thank you. They know I don’t have any children and it is a nice gester.

Why did a crack head ask the guy who does my yard if he wanted some hot weed eaters and such? Um, the guy who does my yard is law enforcement. He wears a gun and arrests folks for a living. No, he didn’t take crackie up on the offer, but seriously?

Reminds me of the folks in the grocery store trying to sell their food stamps for cash. I always tell them they don’t even know if I am law enforcement and they need to be very careful and hell no. I will be spending money I have already paid into the tax system, so I lose twice.

Mandatory hair pictures...
Full curls
My summer go to style curly bun.  Fully makeup.  1st time since surgery.
What my hair looks like when I take the curly bun down.

I haven’t purchased any summer shoes. I know, sad, but the new hot water heater…
But if I could purchase any, these would be the ones. A girl can dream…
If you follow me on Pinterest, you will see more reasonable shoes there. One of those babies will be mine this summer.

My sister posted a nice post of FB about Mother’s day, which made me a little weepy, no tears. But I am not like her mother now, I am her friend. LOL!  I miss my mama and my aunt...

Happy Mother’s Day!

P. S. Blogger is smoking something because it is posting my pictures all out of order so blame blogger, not me.  

Organized washroom.  Nope washer and dryer do not match.  And I don't care as long as they work.
Organized pantry.  Lawd I should have take the before shot.  A hot mess!

Pucci Wedge Sandles for $599.95

My vacation, new shoes and anything new I may want is in this hot water heater.

See the cucumber flowers. 

Even the container plants are out of control.  But when the sunflowers appear, I will be so happy!

Grape tomatoes.  Will they ever turn red?


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