Tuesday, November 06, 2012

And It Is Time...And History Will Be Written

The Election is upon us and we all have a civic responsibility to exercise our right to vote.  I am doing my part and that is vote.  My choice is for President Obama, and as much as the GOP would like to believe I am voting for him because he is black, they are absolutely wrong.  I have had to change radio stations because of the most recent GOP ads, which basically insult my intelligence.  Playing an ad which states Abraham Lincoln and Dr. Martin Luther King were Republicans is a sad and equally ill advised way of courting voters.  I make my choice not on the color of one’s skin, if that was true, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to vote for a President until 2008 and I have been voting since 1987, I make an informed decision based on the stance of certain issues and what I think benefits everyone, not just a few.  This election has been horrid in the sense of the propaganda and barrage of negativity being spouted.  What hurts more, is many folks are going to vote against President Obama not because of valid issues, but because of the color of his skin.  And it is that type of ignorance that scares me the most.  The most recent effigy and cartoon had me crying long and hard. America comprises all races and nationalities and all of us deserve to have someone lead us all, not a select few.  I hope you vote or have voted and no matter what your choice may be, we owe it to those who died trying to vote to make our voice heard.  See you at the polls!



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