Friday, November 02, 2012

Fall Behind Randoms...

What a week, what a week. This week has gone by mighty fast. The temperature has dipped and we have been over here in Alabama freezing every morning since last Saturday. My prayers go out to those affected by Hurricane Sandy. She wasn’t playing with the east coast and northeast. So much has happen this week, I would be remiss if I didn’t give you all some randoms to tide you over until I feel like rambling again.

I have yet to start cleaning up for the holidays. I will start this weekend most likely cleaning up the debris from the remnants of my gardening months. Time to put the pots away and clean out the garden and yes, I do still have a few peppers. (I did make the pepper sauce, it is doing its thing right now.)  I also need to give my roses some tender loving care, they look like they need it bad. It is hard to go outside when it is chilly. But I will do that much so my yard guy can get in and do his fall/winter thing for me.

I already know what I am giving people for Christmas and it ain’t going to be much. I am not mailing any gifts unless they can go in a Christmas card. I like having a list of things and can scratch them off so must of my shopping will be done by Black Friday.

Speaking of Black Friday, I was contemplating not going out because I don’t have much stuff to get. However, since my sister is coming home for the holiday, this will give me the opportunity to get some things for Lala and Carson for Christmas. Usually there is something I have to get each year, but this year there is nothing. So we shall see, but the thing is I thrive on the hunt for sales and cheap shyte. I love getting out there getting bargains. I do not appreciate the large crowds and the fact the stores are opening up earlier and earlier, but the excitement is amazing! Okay, I get a thrill out of it.

I already know what I am getting The Guy and since his birthday is in January, I already know the b’day gift as well.

Oh, and my sister and her family are coming for Thanksgiving and hopefully my brother will make it down as well. I told him last week it is time to reintegrate with his family.

I do need to get a better camera so I can take my Creative Cooking pictures to the next level. I use my cell phone most of the time instead of my digital camera because it is so much easier. However, if I want to take this blog up a notch I need to take better pictures and think about attending a blogging conference.

I need to lose 5 more pounds before Thanksgiving so I got to ramp up my exercise and detox some as well. So wish me luck!

I have political fatigue. I am so over the Presidential race I do not know what to do. I purposely do not talk politics at work, but you can’t escape others discussing it and it is getting difficult to handle the blatant disrespect and the racist propaganda in the media and at work. Tuesday can’t get here soon enough. Those of you lucky enough to vote early count your blessings. Alabama doesn’t have early voting. So I have to get my azz up early as hell on Tuesday and stand in line in order to vote. And no, there is not time off to vote so you must do it on your own time. And Tuesday is my work both jobs day so Tuesday is going to be a beast for me. However, I will be there because our President is the one I want to see continue to move this entire country and not a small percentage of folks forward. Come hell or high water Tuesday is too important not to do my civic duty. And now I step off my soapbox.

Last weekend I made lasagna (I haven’t decided if I am going to post that under Creative cooking or not) and roasted some asparagus. Ya’ll I was eating the asparagus right out of the pan it was just that good. All I did was sprinkle with olive oil and sea salt and pepper and roast them in the oven. I am still thinking about it…
Lasagna w/turkey meat, italian sausage, roasted asparagus, green salad with balsamic dressing and garlic toast.  Yummy!

Last Saturday it was so cold when I was running my errands and I was so tired from the week, I could barely keep my eyes open so I made it my business to stop at Starbucks and get me a tall Salted Caramel mocha. That was amazing. I was in heaven as I shopped and sipped through Walmart. Unfortunately, I was sleepy again an hour later.
Yes, I drank my coffee in Wally World!

My second job husband got me an electric screwdriver. I am going to be messing fixing up some stuff now for real!
Don't be jealous because my 2nd Job Husband feeds into my weird desires for crazy stuff!

My cousin made me so proud last week because she sent us the Thanksgiving menu. Brought tears to my eyes. She NEVER does a menu so this was EPIC. Yes!
My responsibilities are highlighted.  I am so over the damn Millionaire Pies.  This is a Spring/Summer dessert!

The Guy and his youngest son went to Zoo boo last weekend. Last year he returned home sick as a dog because it was so cold and he wasn’t properly dressed. He sent me a picture where he dressed appropriately, because he didn't want to hear me fussing.
He does exist, but um, I had to cut out his son and blur his face.  One day I will post him on here, just not today! LOL!

I so missed Scandal this week. Last week my cousin called me during the last five minutes of the show, and I was so nonresponsive because if you are a fan of the show, you understand if you miss one minute or second of the show, your azz is going to be lost. You know the whole cast talks fast. And she was interrupting me gasping over all the people in that ROOM! I told her, “Um, catch up on the show online. I got to go!” Scandal is serious folks and if you don’t have an hour to spare on Thursday, I feel sorry for you. And the show has been given the green light for 22 episodes instead of the original 13. It is that Good!

I need to wash and retighten my hair this weekend as well. Any takers or this task? I didn’t think so. I don’t know why I whine about this all the time, because it doesn’t take but 15 minutes to wash my hair, it is drying that causes me so much pain and suffering. I retighten fairly quickly now so even that isn’t a problem, but drying this hair…Ugh!

I have a post I started this week that I think I am going to name as my favorite things, ala Oprah. Except, these are things I want in my life, but can’t get right now. Plus, folks always ask me what I want and why not point them towards those things. And let’s face it, most of the stuff no one is going to get but it makes my heart lighter knowing I actually have some wants in my life, because most of the time I say nothing. Now, when folks ask I will send them to the blog and then they will probably never talk to me again. LOL!

Music sucks right now on the radio.  I like Miguel's Adore, but most of the stuff is so blatantly sexual and crass I can't with the music industry right now.  This coming from a person who exercises to Watch the Throne, every single day!

I will continue to pray for those affected by Hurricane Sandy. I pray you all have a wonderful weekend as well.

Don’t forget to set your clocks behind before you go to bed Saturday night.

P. S. I can't leave you without some pics of Lala, Hunny Bunny, Carson and of course Me!

As her mama said, "No costumes, but she is cute."  Lala

Hunny Bunny as your Australian Tour Guide.  I let her know she would be on here, because she likes to know these things.

Carson, The Tiger
Carson, The Sleeping Tiger.  This will not do when we go clubbing, he has to be able to hang, Geez!

Hair is still cute!

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