Saturday, June 16, 2007

5 Month Anniversary and More...

Where Have I Been?

One word Busy! This last month has had me on my toes. So let me catch you up.


I had my last retightening on May 24th and it was 2 daysshort of being 5 weeks in between retightening. And um, that ain’t gonna work. I mean we were finished in 3.5 hours, but it just seems to be a lot of detangling and pulling and such. My hair grows fast and I had a lot of new growth. Needless to say we are staying within the 4 week mark, which means I go on this Thursday. Thank goodness because I love my hair right after retightening and a week or so after but when it is time for it to be done I need it done. Right now I need to wash it will do that tomorrow or Wednesday. Not dreading it as much as I usually do because I am getting the hang of it.

Only issue my consultant had with my hair was the same lint in the back. (I for some reason cannot worry about that because I will eventually color my hair.) I am more careful about that now and even own a lock soc. She also cut out some of the bulbs which she showed me how to do. Again I wasn’t too worried about them but I only see them after a retightening and can take care of them then.

I also figure after this next retightening she will want to have me take the retightening class, but my hair hasn’t even begun to actually lock from what I can tell. Also, I have too much stray hair around the edges of my forehead from wearing braids for so long so I really want to make sure my hair is truly settled and the baby locks are coming along pretty good before the class. Especially, since I know they will not teach you how to start locks.

I still love my hair and because of the growth I am getting more compliments.

Miscellaneous Stuff

I was able to taste the delectable treats from Sweet Expressions, DELICIOUS! I choose the Chocolate Toffee cookies (these were samples) and they were delicious and my book club members enjoyed them as well. I cannot wait until her shop is truly set up.

My book club had a fundraiser on June 9th, which was quite successful and a lot of fun. The purpose of the event is garner funds to put on a literary event in November that will be free to the public. A couple of pictures are on my book club website. Saturday we had our annual slumber party and where we indulged in the cookies from Sweet Expressions and pizza and watched Mahogany and a few old flicks and discussed the book for the month. Good times were had by all.

I have lost 13 pounds. The eating healthy and exercising has been paying off. Unfortunately, I had a minor set back because I pulled a muscle in between my ribs which has made working out on my elliptical machine a no-no. And not to mention the danggone steroids I was on kept me hungry. But I’ll start back slowly this week. Food is going well I just gotta find the veggies I really love so my lunches are delicious.

Life has been a bit busy for me and I am behind on just about everything and since I am not feeling my greatest today, I’ll probably hit the bed early tonight. I just wanted to make sure you had an update from me and see what’s going on with my hair.

I know I have been tagged and I’ll be working on that next.

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