Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I have been Tagged...

Oh boy...this is harder than it looks

Here are the rules: You have to choose 7 things to share about yourself. Then choose 7 people to tag. Now don't forget to post a comment on their blog informing the person that he/she has been tagged, so that they can join in on the fun.

1. I am the oldest child of three. I have a younger sister and brother. We were separately after my mother died, I choose to stay with my aunt and uncle and my stepfather came like a thief in the night and took my sister and brother with him to Virginia. I choose to stay with my mother's brother and wife, because I had a choice and I wanted to be a teenager. Prior to that time my mom was always working trying to make ends meet and being the oldest, I had to take care of my siblings. And as selfish as it may sound, I needed to be a child/teenager and with my stepfather it wasn't going to happen. So when folks ask what happened I tell them I choose to be child.

2. I am not married nor do I have children or plan to have children. Maybe marriage one day. I do remember as a child always saying, "I'm not getting married and having children and I am going to be a lawyer." Pretty much stayed to that course except missing one step from practicing law.

3. I have 4 tattoos. Yep, four. Not easily seen, but there nontheless. Still contemplating a 5th one.

4. I have been reviewing books for an online group as well as my book club for 3 years. My name can be found in several acknowledgments and a couple of book blurbs. My book club has been featured in Black Issues Book Review where they did an article about my book club and my sister's book club. We were also in Upscale Magazine with our favorite books as well.

5. I used to be a voracious reader reading over 10 books a month, now due to my care taking responsibilities I am lucky to get 5 or 6 in a month.

6. I really want to be a writer. Even with the 3 degrees including JD behind my name (although not a practicing attorney - need to pass the bar) I really just want to write.

7. I would love to start a side business of wedding planning. I love to organize things and I love being creative.

So there is a little about myself. I could go on and on, but don't want to bore folks...

Thanks RJ Queen and Goodnapps for tagging me:

Now I am tagging the following (Hoping some will update their blogs.):

Lock Venture
Sisterlock Adoration
Aundrea - my Alabama fam

Have fun!



At 7:36 PM, Blogger Sisterlock Adoration said...

Okay Ms. Cashana. You got me. I really do need to update my blog. However, I am away on a consulting project and forgot my camera. I promise I will update when I'm home next weekend! Thanks for the tag. BTW- Your locks are looking fierce!

At 10:12 PM, Blogger Carmen In NC said...

I've been itching to publish my recently finished book. I need to sit down and try to edit it before sending it to this young lady who will edit it and make a beautiful story read beautifully.

As always, I love your eyes and the gold eyeshadow is HOT!

At 3:14 PM, Blogger Cashana said...

Thank you Sisterlock Adoration. I just am curious on how your hair is progressing, what better way then to tag ya! Thanks for being a good sport! I am looking forward to your update.


Get to editing it. Don't let it sit too long. The publishing world is getting stingy with works now. Thanks about loving the eyes, that night I had someone actually get in my face checking out the colors which were a mixture of gold, black, greenish gold and green. I wish they would have noticed my hair. LOL!

At 9:50 PM, Blogger Maryee said...

It seems that a lot of us bloggers are quite artistic and are budding/aspiring writers. We need to really motivate each other to kick it up! Thanks for sharing!


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