Friday, June 29, 2012

June Challenge - Day 29

Day 29 – Favorite Place to Travel

I have 3 places that I love to travel to and if household repairs and such hadn’t taken up so much of my money I would be heading to one of the three this summer, but alas I will be right here in Montgomery this summer.

First up is the Bahamas, preferably Nassau. I fell in love with Nassau the first time I went there on a cruise and have been numerous times since, but always on a cruise ship. My goal is to fly down and relax there to see if it really is the place I can retire to and do nothing but write and enjoy life. I love the friendliness of the people, the island flavor and the fact there are parts that are undisturbed by tourism. I can see myself in a small bungalow near the ocean, seriously. There is something quaint about the area, but a bubbling excitement as well.

I love Memphis. I really do and if their crime rates weren’t so high and the humidity like the bowels of hell, I would love to live there. Seriously, the last time I was there they were coming off a killing spree and it was the same time as the football player’s death, you know one where the girlfriend killed him and herself? However, what I really love about Memphis is the music and the food. I mean you can get some good old, nasty, stank blues served up with some good, lip smacking bbq and still feel good. I just love the history of the city. I love the music. Hell, I love them damn ribs from The Rendezvous. Seriously, if I had a layover in Memphis I promise you I am taking a cab out to The Rendezvous for some ribs. Ain’t even joking.

Finally, I love traveling to New Orleans. I love New Orleans. I have some of the best memories of being there with good people. I can still smell the old of the history in New Orleans. I love just walking around and seeing the history before me and learning so much during each of my visits. I had a wonderful 35th birthday in New Orleans. Baby, we partied from the time we got there until the afternoon we left. When I say we had a good time that is a real understatement. We made New Orleans mean something during that visit.

My very first visit was with the owner of my 2nd job. He paid for me and another assistant manager to go to a food show in New Orleans. The other assistant manager got to see my true fear of bridges. I should have mentioned that about my fears, but that is a whole blog post. We had great rooms and we got to eat at Commander’s Palace, which is a unique and wonderful gastric experience. Although we were there on business, we managed to see some of New Orleans and I knew I was coming back the next year for vacation. And I did.

New Orleans has some good people there, but like anywhere else you go you will meet some not so good people. However, the good of the city far outweighs bad. I love the touristy parts of the city, but I really want to get to the swamp (seriously) and really go to the places that make the people of New Orleans some of the finest folks you will ever meet.

Now my last visit didn’t garner me any great food places except, Mother’s, New Orleans has some seafood for you. Although Hurricane Katrina took a bit of the history and people away from New Orleans you can still see its charm.

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