Wednesday, August 15, 2012

And my week has gone to hell...

Remember how relaxed and carefree I sounded in my last post?  I was feeling serene and at peace.  Well guess what?  That shit went out the window last night at 10:10 pm.  The following will be filled with expletives, so if you are offended click the "X' in the upper right hand corner.  I won't be mad.

Last night I went to my 2nd job as I usually do on Tuesday.  Things were slow that night and the manager's meeting didn't have me wanting to eat nails so I was still feeling my relaxing day from Monday.  However, I was quite hungry and didn't have anything thawed in the house.  I thought about eating a salad, but naw I wanted something quick and easy.  Enter a fast-food restaurant. 

On my way home I stopped to pick up a sandwich and head home.  Of course, I remember why I hate eating out and besides the extra calories, the long waits in line.  Too ridiculous.  Anyway, I was more than a little hot about that 10 minute wait for a sandwich.  Then I headed home so I get home at about 10:10 pm and when I pulled into my driveway, I realized the room next to mine light was on.  I knew I hadn't left it on.  So I immediately jump out of the car and I heard this loud noise and quickly realized it was my alarm. First thought, "Fuck, someone has broken into my damn house!"

So I run unlock the door, spilling my water along the way as I rush to the alarm system to turn it off.  And with full dismay, I saw shit every damn where.  Ya'll they had my underwear thrown all over my bedroom.  I knew immediately that they had taken my wallet which held my checkbook, which also had my dl and DOB on it.  Then I rushed through the house to see what the hell and was overwhelmed.  I couldn't call my cousin fast enough and I just couldn't breath as I told her someone had broken into the house.  Then I went into the den and saw their point of entry and went outside and there is where I really broke down crying.  I was a hot mess.  As I am holding my head and thinking to call the police, the police pulled up during his routine drive around.  He got the call from the security folks as he was walking up my driveway.  I was overwhelmed.  They had been through my underwear.  Shit!

The officer was really comforting and reminded me no one was hurt and all the things were replaceable.  I told him, "They didn't get shit."  And in fact they hadn't gotten major items, just shit that didn't seem important until I realize it was gone.  They took all my medication, which was really blood pressure meds and my potassium meds, idiots.  They took baskets that held cds, batteries and such.  They stole a herringbone necklace that an old boyfriend had given me well over a decade ago.  And my little jewelry box that had old raggedy jewelry in it and a key to our old front door.  Bastards!  Ya'll they walked by the laptop and wii and of course they didn't want my tv's because none of them are flat screens.  Bastards.  They stole my make up bag.  Idiots! 

I wanted to walk the streets and look for the stupid mutherfuckers.  They made me mad and they took away my security.  Every time I return home I will always wonder if they came back into my home.  I stayed home alone last night, balking at all offers to stay or go stay with someone.  There was no way I could leave, when I knew I may not return because of fear.  I be damn if they were going to let them win.  I slept with my gun under my pillow and extra lights on.  But I didn't sleep well at all.  I woke up and waited for the sun to shine so I could go outside and see what else the idiots had done.  They did try to take down my phone line, but they were unsuccessful.  This was no crackhead, this was a young person who didn't understand the neighborhood creed.  Bastards!

I am so tired right now as I type this, but I promise you I am going home and sleep this afternoon.  I spent and hour at the bank changing accounts, rolling over IRA's and all things that needed to be done regarding my account.  Although they didn't get my debit card or any credit cards, all you need to have is a routing number and account number to pay bills electronically and I didn't want that to happen.  I also had to have my pay check that is due to be deposit flagged to go into the new account.  Then I had to come to work, luckily I work for DPS, so I had my DL number flagged and then I called the credit bureau to have an alert put on my credit report, just in case.  All this is just a hassle, but a necessary one.

I am mad and angry my sense of security has been robbed, but I am blessed truly I am because God looked out for me. 

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