Thursday, June 20, 2013

Graduation Part 2 - Part 2

My middle niece, Hunny Bunny.  Who hates to wear dresses, is wearing this dress.  I told her she looked gorgeous and she had no problems posing for pictures. She really is gorgeous!

We stayed at Candlewood Suites in Virginia Beach, which was close to the mall and eateries. The hotel rooms are equipped with refrigerators and stoves and microwaves, so for my folks this was wonderful. Because believe it or not my cousin and his wife cooked breakfast every morning we were there. Go them. I was on vacation and cooking wasn’t on my agenda. Really.

My nieces came to pick up JT and of course my sister was calling and my brother was calling. I was trying to take a shower and get dressed. My brother actually came by the hotel and took us to PF Chang’s were we had lunch with the graduate. Luckily the restaurant was only 5 minutes away but um, my brother had us going through the cuts to get to it. But we made it. Since this was my first time eating at PF Chang’s I was anxious to see if it lives up to its hype. My niece had a host of folks there to honor her graduation. Side note: we got our Graduation tickets at lunch, because no ticket no entrance. Really. My niece needed initially 27 tickets and she hustled with the help of her friends and garnered 32. That is what’s up, but seriously did they need to do tickets. Damn! Lunch was fun, but the lack of sleep was killing several of us and if I had to say there was a down side to the meal, it was waiting on our tickets. Seriously, I didn’t want a damn fortune cookie (I didn’t even take one); I wanted my ticket so we could get back to the hotel and get some sleep. And it took the waitress 30 minutes to do that. Ugh! I was able to lie down for an hour or so, but no real sleep.
This look is to ignore me, because really I am supposed to be in Alabama...LOL!
Hunny Bunny trying to show me how to use chopsticks.  

My meal consisted of appetizers.  Lettuce wraps w/chicken
Blurry picture of my steamed dumplings, very good!
Dynamite Shrimp...tastes like Bang, Bang shrimp, but good though!

The graduation was at the convention center not far from the hotel, but we had a walk to get to the entrance, but we weren’t late and we got there just in time. The ceremony lasted, 1 hour. I am so glad my niece told them I wasn’t about the 3 hour graduation ceremony. Just kidding. In my head I hoped she let them know. However, getting out of that convention center was CRAZY! We got out and were like let’s go to the area no one was in and guess who we found, the graduate. So let the impromptu photo shoot start. For the record, Lala was still not about dealing with me. At all!

Needed to get a picture before the graduation...Vanity.

Posted this on FB...
Lala smiling at my cousin, but please don't touch her.  Geez...
The Graduate
My sister's little family.  Hunny Bunny, Caitlyn, Lala and my sister
JT and Caitlyn ---AKA---Cupcake Bandits
JT, Caitlyn and AJ
Kay, Caitlyn and me...
Daurice and Caitlyn
Caitlyn and Drew
The Graduate and her mom and baby sister...

This is my favorite picure of the graduation.  Hunny Bunny and me.

My family. My Brother, Christopher, Hunny Bunny, Caitlyn, my sister and me.  Lala is behind my big head.
We headed back to the hotel after a stop at the 7 Eleven, we don’t have any in Montgomery. I needed some fruit, snacks and some liquor and not necessarily in that order. And because we stayed at the Candlewood Suites, were all had hamburgers at the hotel to munch on. Yes!

I was so exhausted and after showering and eating, I was in the bed sleep!

Randoms from Graduation:

*  My love for steamed dumplings is immense.

*  Lala looked at me when we walked into PF Chang’s like, “What the hell? I thought they 
    were in Alabama, why is she here.” It was so funny to see her face.

*  My graduating niece loves shoes as much as I do. Her heels for graduation were the  

*  My brother’s gift to my niece was such a beautiful and thoughtful expression of his love 
    for her.

*  My brother is good looking, but better nobody try to holler at him in front of me.

*  My family is amazing together.

*  No tears because I am a G. I cried the week before when I got the Prom pictures.

To be continued…

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