Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Randoms on the fly and because I have been busy...

My book club has been together 12 years. And to think last year I was about to disband and now I couldn’t be prouder of our accomplishment. Sisterhood bonding over books can’t beat that.

I could have cared less about William and Kate. I hated her dress and the only reason I saw it because the media thought everyone was interested and thought this was newsworthy. I loved her sister’s dress though.

Easter came and went and I was off two days. Easter was nice and quiet. I am now reminded why I am not a fan of Ruby Tue.sdays. Being with family is priceless, however.

I enjoyed my second day off, immensely.

My muse has been on fire lately and she or he is a mess. Too bad I can’t post all the stuff he or she has me writing on here.

One of my book club members asked why I don’t talk about the other blog. I told her, “If I knew they were reading it, I would censor myself.” It is my private space that allows me to write without repercussions.

Osama bin Laden is dead. I didn’t celebrate and I like the quote posted on Ladylee’s blog. I didn’t mourn either. I was proud of the way our President handle it and they buried him properly.  And no pictures will be released. 

President Obama is gangsta. And his jokes for Trump were funny. While folks were questioning his birth certificate and education, he was handling business.

I was so mad last week about all the hoopla over the birther mess, I was just too angry to put words to paper because it wasn’t going to be nice.

My second cousin welcomed the birth of his son, Carson on the Monday after Easter. He was born 3 months prematurely. He is a beautiful baby and he is a fighter. I told his mama this side of the family is considered fighters and that is where he gets it from. She told me nope, he got it from me. Ya’ll I laughed because I fight for what’s right. All the time. I can’t wait until I can steal him. Please keep him and the family in your prayers because as you can imagine it is stressful and each day is a miracle.

My sister threatened to send my nieces to me Sunday. My youngest, Hunny Bunny called her cheap because the comb she was using to do her hair broke and underneath her breathe she kept saying, ‘cheap, cheap, cheap’ and she told her the braids she had done were different sizes. Sometimes adults just can't handle the truth.  LOL! And the oldest one spilled gas on herself and in the words of my sister she spilled $10.00 worth of gas on the ground and that made my sister livid. However, when she said someone needed to show her how to pump gas, my sister was prepared to send her on a one way bus trip to Alabama. No one taught us how to pump gas, no one! You know I was going to send them right back right?

Book club meeting was this past Saturday and when we finished I left. Although I had taken a brief nap, I was still tired. Why were those still there asking where I was and did I have a date? I hardly ever stay late after meetings anymore because half the time I trying to get to some place before it closes if it is on that particular side of town. I will have them know I went home alone. That. Is. All.

Continue to pray for those who went through the tornados of last week. Montgomery was spared, but I was nervous nonetheless. I prayed and let go and let God handle his business.

I was sick Thursday evening after work I was in the bed by 8, which is almost impossible for me.

One of my 2nd job cashiers asked me when I was baking some more cookies. I said I don’t know because I am not eating sugar right now. She gave me the most serious side-eye I have ever seen in person.

There is so much drama on the 2nd job it is making me tired. Looks like my next weekend break will be sooner rather than later.

My niece officially has a job. I am so proud. When her mother told her to not give away free food to her friends she responded, “No way. I am too much like my Aunt Nana, I follow the rules.” Did I mention how proud I am?

One of my cousins going on the family trip is making this his official honeymoon. He and his wife were married not long after my mother passed in 1983. Yeah, you do the math. I wouldn’t call it a honeymoon, maybe I am over this marriage honey so let’s go on vacation? But when the other cousin mention the freedom they would have to stir cocoa (Black n Bougie), I threw up in my mouth a little.

My garden is looking good and as soon as the sunflowers bloom, I am going to be posting that bad boy picture. I have been diligent and loving to my plants. You just wait.

I finally got the gift certificate for a new radio. I ain’t in the mood for Wally World right now.

In music I love Kelly Rowland’s Motivation, Jill Scott and Anthony Hamilton’s So In Love and Chris Brown’s video to She Ain’t You. Have you heard Beyonce’s new one? I have only heard it twice here, so that means it hasn’t caught on here in the south. It sounds like something I can work out to and really get it in while listening to it, but it is going to have to grow on me.

And for vanity sake here is a fresh, finished retightened hair picture…

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