Thursday, April 21, 2011

Before Easter Randoms...

I woke up wrong today. I really did. I woke on the wrong side of the bed, head at the foot of the bed and on my back. Well that is what it felt like when I finally woke up. I dragged my evil azz out of the bed cursing under my breath. How does one wake up feeling like shyte, when they went to bed feeling like the world is their oyster and feeling loved. I woke up like a stepchild to the evilest of stepmothers.

Then I paid bills. Enough said.

For all the politicians who are making the “hard decisions”, your constituents see you. Enough said.

Where is my gift card for my broken and static ridden radio that was broken by the cleaning crew?

When you go to an agency you were a former worker and all the workers there look stressed and overweight, you know you made the right decision and give praises to God for delivering you from that manifestation of stress.

It is okay no one ran up to hug me, but they smirked, “Hey, Cashana.”

I am not getting married. I can’t have children. So stop asking and hoping and praying for the impossible.

I need another mini-me vacation. I do.

I like Fantasia’s Collard Greens and Cornbread song, but just between you and me, I can’t stand either of those two foods. At all.

I walked and jogged extra hard today to get rid of the negative vibes swarming around me and it worked a little bit. Wish it had worked a whole lot.

My sister has become self-conscious about my blogging, always worrying if a blog worthy story will be put on my blog. I told her no one reads my blog. She said that was a lie, she says I have a following. I told her I only have a few comments. She said that was a lie too. I think she is paranoid.

She told me a funny one yesterday involving my 16 year old niece who wanted to get her hair done before she returns to school (they are on their spring break right now). When my sister demolished her plan, she texted my sister with a plea to at least perm her hair because get this, “I am feeling really ugly right now.” First of all, I have mentioned this before my nieces are as vain as I am. We have never seen a mirror that didn’t like us. She was playing on my sister’s emotions because my sister is really sensitive to self-esteem and body image. I laughed. And laughed. My sister didn’t find anything funny about it and said it better not end of on the blog. LOL! Dare me. I don’t run from dares.

My cousin broke her foot. I told her I am enjoying life too much right now for me to have to take care of her, dayum it!

I am feeling better now. Here’s to a Good Friday to everyone. I will be right here at work and wonderful Easter.

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