Monday, June 27, 2011

My Motivation Randoms...No Really How Tall is Kevin Hart?

FYI – I didn’t watch the BET aka EBT awards except the last 30 minutes and the after show until Law & Order: Criminal Intent came on.

Can we have a moment of silence for L&O Criminal Intent?...Thank you because last night they aired its Series finale. The final curtain went down. I was devastated. I am a true Law and Order fan and my heart was broken even though I knew this was its last season. Thanks for giving me closure unlike the original Law & Order, which didn’t get a chance to say bye to fans. Lawd, I think I am still in mourning.

I woke up this morning rested and feeling like a million bucks. Happy, happy. Yeah. I hope this feeling of euphoria lasts all week.

My weekend was low key and quite uneventful. I took naps on Saturday and Sunday, which wasn’t the best idea because I ended rushing to my second job both days.

We have a guy who solicits our customers for money on our drive thru. I cannot tell you the number of times we have ran him off and threatened to call the police. Scared one of our customers so bad she drove off without her order after paying for it. He had her shook. Um, he doesn’t scare me but no one wants to be harassed.

Here are some funnies about the awards:

My sister texted me throughout the show until I got home different aspects of the show. So you know that was funny.

My sister: Mary J opened, looks like she gaining that weight back. Anita Baker. That is all she said about Anita Baker. I saw the pictures I understand. Bless her heart.

My sister: Chris Brown won male artist. I loves him.

My sister: He Fat! Rick Ross. I laughed at that one I was like I hope he keeps his shirt closed. Too late. Geez.

My sister: Idris!!! OMG I love that man and his swag! I do too.

My sister: I got to go get Jill Scott’s album.

My sister: The Five Heartbeats!! I love Leon!

My sister: Who is Dirty Money? Ya’ll me and her went back and forth on who the hell they were during the holidays and I just refused to waste characters trying to explain the group’s concept. Geez!

My sister: Whoever is the beep guy is horrible! He missin all the cuss words, and bleepin out whole verses!

Then she does this doozie. My sister: OMG! Atlantic Star! My response was nobody but us older folks know them. Then she goes: My bad, Alexander O’Neal and Cherelle.

How the hell she confuse those two with Atlantic Starr? Really? Then she said he smiled and looked like yuck mouth. LOL!

My sister: Trey off key again. I like this Kelly Roland song, nice performance.

I saw the performance this morning and she kilt it! Yeah, I said kilt!

My sister: OMG. Ceelo doing the Patti tribute…can’t decide if this is a joke or not. LOL!

Then I get home when Drake, Lil Wayne, DJ Khaled and Rick Ross were on. My first response: WTF with the dayum bleeping?

Beyonce’s performance was just blah. And I told my sister folks gonna be wearing panties and a shirt and belt out in the clubs because of her now. Dayum! Ya’ll know I am telling the truth and it ain’t gonna be cute.

I also got to see BET’s try to correct the biggest mess up of the night with Chris Brown. A mess.

I don’t think I missed too much. I saw the House Huband clips and found them funny. I was a bit confused though. How tall is Kevin Hart? No really?

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