Thursday, June 16, 2011

"The only lasting truth is change."  Octavia Butler

Um, you may have noticed I have updated the title of the blog. I felt like it was time because I really don’t talk about my hair often enough to keep it as the main focus. As stated, I will mention my Sisterlocks, because I know newbies are always looking for reference materials about them. Plus, I want folks to know that it truly has been a journey and right now in my life I am over my hair. I take care of it and maintain it, but there isn’t much else to say about it. My hair does its thing and I am content with it right now and who knows what will happen in the future.

My blog is really focusing on other aspects of my life. Like my Randoms where I ramble about things I see and note as well as things I find interesting in my own life. Like my endless boredom recipes and other hobbies, such as reading. Although I do write a lot, I don’t put much of that writing on here because of its personal nature and this blog not being anonymous and all. I will say that my other blog has a small following now which trips me out, but as long as I don’t know them I can keep being open over there. So I hope you will continue to stay tune…


Why did Chris Bosh cry like a baby after losing to the Mavericks?

I am preparing for the end to all things Law & Order. SVU is on its last leg and CI is doing its final episodes and I am having a hard time watching without tearing up. Geez, Law & Order has been in my life longer than any man has been. A love affair ending… Makes me sad.

Folks are talking about taking off on my second job to watch the BET Awards. Why?

Someone needs to do an intervention for Soulja Boy, I tried to watch the video of Conceited and frankly I just gave up.

When will television returned to well written scripted shows? I am over all the reality shows i.e. Basketball Whores Wives, 16 & Dumb Pregnant, Mob Wives, Kate and her kids, 19 and counting more and more kids, and on and on. I do like the Little Couple, Extreme Couponing and Toddler’s and Tiara’s. What?

However, I was so hyped to see my beloved Memphis Beat and HawthoRNe on Tuesday night. Loves them both. Closer and Roselli and Isles are on in July…Now that is television.

Speaking of television why is the cable company going up on their prices for services? Really?

I realized my family trip is cheating me out of a true vacation. 4 days is not nearly enough, but you can bet I am going to get a week’s vacation.

Speaking of family trip can someone tell my sister to stop asking me for an itinerary and packing list? I cannot plan an itinerary when we don’t have but three days and two of them half days for activities. Really all she wants to know is where we are eating. Anyone know of a restaurant we must try in Myrtle Beach?

Hunny Bunny says she needs a swimsuit. She is one little one who doesn’t care what you think about her is a swimsuit. I just want to know how she will get to the water without touching the sand. Just asking…

We had a customer on my second job come in and threaten to blow a cashier’s brains out over a free cup of water. Even I don’t say anything to him because I know he is touched and I am known for letting the less than desirables know they are not welcome in our store. Aunt Marie didn’t raise no fool!

Speaking of customers there are a few when I see them getting out of their cars I walk away from the counter or go to the back. Why you may ask? Because they do the most. Adding extra stuff, complicated orders, ordering their own concoction of stuff, trying to get shyte for free, been to the store a hundred million times and still take hours minutes to place an order.

Speaking of customers, I know you love little baby Billy. In fact, he is the cutest 6 month old one ever did see, in your eyes, but when you put your sweet adorable baby on the counter it is rude. Why you may ask? One’s bottom, azz, derriere should not be on the counter where others may be in contact or worse food will be passed across. I know you don’t think anything is wrong with it, but think of it like this: You as an adult sit your azz on the counter and see how many folks want their bags of food or food tray to be passed across that same counter.

Oh and to the lovely customer who changed her baby diaper in the booth and left the diaper for my workers to clean up, please never return. Please and thank you! This really did happen.

Will it ever rain again?

:::get closer to your screen::: I enjoyed watching Lil Wayne’s Unplugged. That is all.

I really want to be an extreme couponer. Seriously. Really.

I will be in Jamaica in 2012. Write it. Speak it. It shall happen.

I think I should tweet the family vacation under an anonymous name. Maybe not. I don’t tweet.

Sure Thang by Miguel is a catchy tune, but the artist is different.

My good friend loved Silver Sparrow by Tayari Jones, but didn’t like the ending. I told her it was as it should be. I guess if you have a relationship with your father affects your response to the ending? Maybe not. Um, I just talked to my sister and she is mad after finishing it at 3 am this morning. Uh, oh! Ya’ll better run out and get this book if you haven’t.

Ya’ll feel sorry for Hefner? I betcha Holly at home just a laughing.

I didn’t see Oprah’s final show. Maybe someone will let me see it on their DVR. If not, oh well.

I am having a busy weekend ahead. So everyone have a great rest of the week and make the most of your weekend!

Let this beautiful bloom inspire you to stop and smell the roses too!

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At 10:02 AM, OpenID mrstdj said...

I refuse to acknowledge the end of L&O SVU. I just can't. Stabler and Benson are like a finely tuned machine. I need them!!

I'm over the reality shows, but damn if they don't still suck me in. *smh*

I missed Hawthorne the other night, forgot to DVR it and can't fine it on demand. BOOOO!!!

I am a couponer, but I hate hate HATE extreme coupouning!! Those folks are hoarders and have OCD. I'm not a psychologist, but I play one sometimes.

I'll be trying to finish SS this weekend. I love what I'm reading so far.

At 2:58 PM, Blogger Cashana said...

Mrs. TDJ - Hawthorne will be repeated over and over again. LOL! I told my sister they (extreme couponers) were hoarders! I have no intentions of getting stuff I don't need except I already must have an over abundance toilet paper and paper towels. I asked my sister did we go w/o as children because I am desperately afraid to not have enough of either. Silver Sparrow made for a great book club discussion. I can't wait to hear how you feel at the end.


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