Sunday, August 07, 2011

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Family Vacation Randoms...

Don’t let your family fool you into believing the road trip will be fun, exciting and of course we will not be in the car driving for 9 hours like the GPS says.

Don’t let your family fool you into a mini vacation because 2 days does not a vacation make.

Your GPS on your phone really works.

Encourage family members to not drink coffee before you hit the road or to take diuretics because it will insure you will have your first bathroom break an hour into the drive.

If lots of traffic is passing you on your left, you are going entirely too slow.

McDonald’s is not a good road trip meal. Next time, just fry the dayum chicken and have some light bread for sammiches. Yes, I said sammiches.

Some folks do not have a sense of direction. Really they don’t.

I know the comfort should be of the driver, but old music that makes your passengers want to hurl, is problematic.

Don’t forget your confirmation number.

You have to really love your family to go on a family vacation.

An itinerary means nothing to family.

There is a such thing as eating fat. I did it, my sister did it and I saw other family members doing the most---dayum eating.

Godfather’s pizza doesn’t taste the same.

Could people please wear cover ups over their bikinis because it is distracting to young black men?

My family will have some kinda card or gambling game going on every vacation. Every vacation.

Liquor + Family = Good times

Liquor + Family – Bottle Water = Moscato with breakfast

16 year olds are the devil spawned.

Hot Krispy Kreme Donuts are the business except they now cost almost $9 for a dozen.

Indecisiveness is the bane of my existence.

Hot and humid = no makeup at all on vacation.

My sister had folks dropping their mouths wide open. Seriously, she needs to really take care of her problem, it makes absolutely no sense. Hell, even her children were side-eyeing her.

Some folks do not know how to pack light. Seriously.

Watching a 60 year old enjoy things they have never experience is priceless.

Although I was apprehensive about the family vacation, due to its length and the distance, it was fun to be with family and enjoy each other’s company. When my cousin turned to me after the wine tasting and asked when we were going to do it again, it was really worth all the good, bad and ugly.

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