Thursday, August 04, 2011

The Help...The Movie...

Since I do not want to give away too much about the movie let me tell you about the screening and a few tidbits about the movie. A couple of weeks ago I received an email from a Disney intern asking would my book club be interested in attending the screening of The Help in Montgomery. I received the email the day before book club meeting, which was great and of course members jumped at the opportunity and a couple vowed to read the book before the screening. Not me. I knew about the book, the controversy and the effect it had on readers and reviewers. Plus, I just didn’t want to rush to read a book just because it was coming to the big screen. We all know they have to take some dramatic licensing for the movie to play well to an audience.

Now getting the passes to the screening I felt like I was jumping through hoops. The intern promised to FedEx them that Wednesday, which meant they would get to me on Thursday and no later than Friday. And since they were coming from Atlanta I figured no big deal. Want to guess when I finally got the passes? Wednesday before the Thursday screening. I had to contact the intern about the passes a couple of times and found out she supposedly sent them by mail, I still haven’t received the mailed ones. All I am saying is someone wasn’t being upfront about sending the passes. And if the book club members weren’t so hyped about the outing I would not have followed up as I did. I mean the family vacation would commence the very morning after the screening. Thank goodness they came in time and I emailed my members and told them, you can’t be late, no video cameras and seating was first come, first seated. For once, the members heeded my notice.

I was there well in advance and from what we could tell, the film folks had done their research on women’s groups and book clubs in Montgomery in order to fill the screening. And it was full. The “security” for Disney, Sony and some other film companies was this big, tall African-American guy with the personality of Will Smith, totally witty and fun to converse with.

The film started a few minutes after 7 pm with no previews. Straight screening. LOL! It takes place in 1961 Mississippi during the early happenings of the civil rights movement. A young white college graduate comes home to Mississippi and wants to be a novelist or journalist and after a particular incident decides she wants to write the stories of what is like to be a maid for white women. The movie is funny, insightful and there are moments when you must have tissue ready. I barely recognized Sissy Spacek, “I’m gone have a baby.” I am sorry that is like my favorite line and I say it all country too! You will see Cicely Tyson and will be awed by her appearance. However, the main characters Aibileen and Minnie played by Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer respectively give this movie heart and character. FYI – the guy I date (yeah I am still dating) went to high school with Ms. Spencer. I wish I could tell you my favorite line from the movie, but I would be giving too much away. On August 10, find your way to a movie theater and check out this movie, I am sure you will enjoy it!

BTW – One of my book club members told me I embarrassed them with all my damn crying. Whateva!

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