Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Busy October Randoms...

I know it has been a while. Life has been busy and I was in the proverbial dumps last week as I tried to wade through reliving the transitioning of my aunt. By the end of the week I was feeling better, but baby on Tuesday I was done. Of course other family members were dealing with the same thing, some of us better than others. My cousin who does the Thanksgiving dinner, yeah the one, who doesn’t use seasoning on her turkey, said sometimes you can be in a room full of people and still be lonely and the same can be said about grief. Some folks when dealing with death, surround themselves with people and activities but don’t take the time to truly grieve and begin the healing process. I allowed myself a moment to be sad, but I wrote about it on my anonymous blog and shook it off. My aunt would beat my azz to not see me moving oh and living life.

But I have a few randoms to throw out here into the Internet land…

• Speaking of Thanksgiving, my sister has ruined Thanksgiving for me. You can send her an email her about messing up things for me and my nieces later. Seems my sister decided to be on bed rest until her baby is born in January. Don’t side-eye me! She didn’t tell me until a week ago. Yeah. What? I told her she knows I cannot afford to take care of 3 kids, so she needs to make better arrangements. Talking about the oldest will be gone in two years. Unless she has a contract with God, she better find someone who can take all three because just because one goes to college doesn’t negate your responsibility towards them.

• How did she ruin Thanksgiving? Who the hell is going to go shopping with me on Black Friday? I asked one of my friends and she said she had to pray on it? Really? Why prayer? SMH!

• Now I got to figure out how to mail cookies to Virginia. I got to make sure Hunny Bunny gets her sugar cookies because you know she is going to retire me right?

• Oh, but the universe is sending my cousin, his wife and his baby (the baby who came Mother’s day and wasn’t due to June or July) will be here. So Andrea, let’s go! She likes to shop. Loves it!

• I might as well go shopping with her because maybe she will allow me to touch the baby. Talking about she don’t trust me around her child because I keep threatening to still him on Facebook. What?

• Reed Between The Lines is premiering on BET. I wonder if I will watch it. I love Tracy. I just don’t love watching BET.

• I want Satellite television but do not know which one to go with.

• I still want a yorkie, but I just don’t have time right now.

• Fantasia. I am so done. Stupid. She needs therapy.

• My hair is interesting this week. I need to wash it. I should have done that this weekend, but I didn’t. I asked the guy and he laughed. What the hell is so funny about washing my damn hair?!
Side bun, which are my numerous twists I rolled into a bun.  Looks like a cinnamon roll.  LOL!
• The weather is cooler here and it has been raining off and on for the last few days. All I really want to do is curl up in my bed and sleep. But I did that Sunday and realized I wasted the entire day. Not again!

• Best Man 2 is coming. Are you excited? Me, not so. I disliked that movie. I really did. I only liked Terrance Howard and his grimy behind. I hated the concept that the groom could not get over his bride having slept with someone else. Go so where with that, when you have been with numerous other folks, while with her, but she gets with one guy. One guy and you can’t marry her. Yeah, he was your best friend, but you didn’t care so much about that as she gave it to someone else. Ugh! Please do not get me started on this.

• I have several Creative Cooking posts scheduled. Go me!

• It is time for some winter shoes. Let’s go!

• I have already started my Christmas shopping. I am limiting myself this year. I am giving away a lot of cookies that is for sure.

• I hired two people last week on my second job because I am tired of interviewing and waiting on folks to do the reference follow ups. I need to go to work and do so in peace. This Friday is going to be a mess, because I will have a cashier who is only this week training on the register and I will not have a full staff on that day because everyone and there mama wants to be off.

• I had a mother call me to interview her son. I listened to her on the phone and in my head I was like this boy will not be interviewed by me, because his mama is going to think she works here and tell me how to do my job. If your child is seeking a job, parents do not call for them. Why? It means he doesn’t want to work and it makes prospective employers angry. Plus, when your child has on his application he won a spelling bee and he spells Unkle and Ant like this, somebody is lying or he won the spelling bee when he was in kindergarten.

• Have a great short week!

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